Friday, 7 November 2008

Richard Barnbrook warned over false race statistics

The BNP's London representative seriously misled the London Assembly and the public this week, with a series of false and unattributable crime statistics.

Richard Barnbrook was warned to be careful by a City Hall budget committee after he wrongly suggested that one in ten black Londoners had been arrested following a routine stop and search.

Quoting from figures he claimed to have obtained from "individual boroughs from various activities" he told the committee that "ten per cent of the black population have been found to be correct stop and searches."

He also claimed that the number of stop and searches had massively increased for white people whilst decreasing for black people.

However, if you look at the Met's actual figures, you can see that the rate of stop and searches have increased by around the same amount for both black and white people in the past year.

And despite his claims to the contrary, the percentage of stop and searches which lead to arrests are almost exactly the same for blacks and whites, at around nine percent.

Black people in London are also still around four times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police. 

After misleading the Assembly on these points, he went on to claim that there had been a 'drastic' reduction in 'hate crimes' against ethnic minorities and other groups. 

He also questioned the value of spending money on recording them separately. 

However, again if you look at the actual figures supplied to Mr. Barnbrook you can see that there has been a three per cent increase in racial offences and a ten per cent increase in homophobic offences in the past year.

Barnbrook's public attempts to mislead the assembly came after it was reported that the BNP will be distributing hundreds of thousands of brochures titled 'racism cut's both ways' to school children and members of the public across the country.

These brochures which can be read in summary here are an obvious attempt to stoke up fear and racial hatred using false and misleading information.

Desperate Measures

Although the British National Party's most electorally successful politician, Richard Barnbrook has struggled to get any significant media attention since entering City Hall. 

As a result he has increasingly resorted to a number of failed stunts and tedious confrontations in the Assembly chamber.

His appearances at the Assembly have also been followed by entirely false reports from the BNP's own media team.

However, if he continues to use false statistics, whilst being paid as a public servant, then it may not just be a telling off that he will have to contend with.
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Anonymous said...

Talking about cunning stunts...

The Troll said...

Let's talk about them then!

Anonymous said...

The man is an accident waiting to happen. What were Londoners thinking when they put this *****bag into power? Are there really that many idiots capable of putting a cross on a bit of paper in London??

The Troll said...

It would appear so.

Helen said...

I believe in Barnbrook's latest video blog he uses the phrase "crime has doubled" - maybe he's getting his statistics from the magic pixies.

Harold said...

I'm sure that in the period right up to 1933 people in Germany were discussing what an idiot Hitler was. How the Jews were destroying Germany was one such 'idiotic' claim, of course.
Barnbrook, remember comes from the Goebbels school which insists: tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.