Thursday, 20 November 2008

Richard Barnbrook number two under investigation

An internal investigation by the Greater London Authority was launched today after it was revealed that Richard Barnbrook has employed a senior BNP member as his personal assistant.

According to the Times, Simon Darby who was the BNP's 'reserve leader' during Nick Griffin's trials, admitted that he has used City Hall offices in order to undertake party political work:

"Simon Darby admitted to The Times yesterday that he regularly used his City Hall office to work in his capacity as the BNP’s media spokesman, a job that is unrelated to his publicly funded position.

"The disclosure will raise concerns over whether Mr Darby is receiving taxpayers’ money to support his prominent position in the far-right party."

Darby claims that he has made up for any time spent on his BNP role and that he has not used any public resources in order to carry out party political work.

However, since Barnbrook's election a number of videos have appeared on Youtube featuring him and Simon Darby within their City Hall office.

In one of these, BNP promotional material is prominently on display whilst Darby and Barnbrook discuss constituency work.

These films along with Darby's other records should be examined by GLA officers to see if the code of conduct, or any other ethics or employment rules have been breached.

For my own part, I have repeatedly tried to contact both Darby and Barnbrook in recent weeks about this and other matters, but have had no luck whatsoever.

The emails I have sent have been ignored and their GLA phone has remained unanswered.

A separate email sent by a reader of this blog to Richard Barnbrook was followed by a highly unhelpful one-word answer.

According to the GLA Code of Conduct, Assembly Members such as Barnbrook should:

"be accountable to the public for your actions and the manner in which you carry out your responsibilities, and should co-operate fully and honestly with any scrutiny appropriate to your particular office."

Under the GLA Code of Ethics, a member of staff such as Simon Darby should also:

"uphold the political impartiality of the Authority's staff, not to use public resources for political purposes and not to act in any way which would conflict with this Code."

If you believe that either Richard Barnbrook or Simon Darby have breached any of these rules, then you can make an official complaint to the GLA here

-Update- Five Chinese Crackers points out that Richard Barnbrook has also been using the GLA phone line for his BNP front campaign 'London's Mother's Against Knives'

Full details on the investigation coming soon...


Anonymous said...

After watching that video I would happily pay for the pair of them to spend all their time doing BNP work. Anything that will keep them away from them from doing anything to London has got to be good.

The Troll said...

Like it or not Barnbrook has been elected and Darby employed to work for Londoners. If it is found that they have been using City Hall resources for other purposes whilst not actually doing what they're paid to do (like responding to constituents) then they should suffer the consequences.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Since Barny himself appears in a few videos to promote the BNP that were filmed in the London Assembly building - couldn't he be in trouble?

The Troll said...

It's possible, but the act doesn't specifically go into things like video blogging so it would have to be judged by the relevant standards committee. The only way to find out is for somebody to make an official complaint.

Anonymous said...

Complaint about one of Barnbrooks videos has already been made and is under investigation

The Troll said...

Thanks for that anonymous. I will look into it some more tomorrow.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Barny also uses his Assembly phone number of the London's Mothers Against Knives petition. The second half of my post here looks at it:

Could get him into more hot water.

The Troll said...

5cc - I think you missed out the link. Can you repost?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Uh - yeah. Sorry about that. It's here: The BNP member list, London Assembly investigations and London's Mothers Against Knives

Anonymous said...

Barnbrook has already been served a decision notice regarding "his Mothers against Knives petition" by another boroughs Standards Board and he is refusing to comply with the decision.


ps just goes to show Standards board have no teeth.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just to add to Five Chinese Crackers info, the "Mothers Against Knives" is a copywrited name by the 2 mothers who originally started the petition some years ago.