Monday, 24 November 2008

Richard Blakeway and Kulveer Ranger on the BBC

Fascinating edition of the Politics Show yesterday. Andrew Cryan and Tim Donovan do a good job of teasing out the effects of Boris's housing policy and we get our first(?) live interviews with Ranger and Blakeway.

Ranger, whose first six months as Boris's Transport Director haven't exactly been the easiest of his career, makes his debut on the (let's face it) not particularly difficult issue of Boris's cycle-hire scheme.

Coming almost three weeks after his transport bonfire, and almost three months after his above inflation fare rises, I think it's fair to say that Kulveer's minders have been ever-so slightly selective with his media appearances.

As Tim Donovan put it in yesterday's programme: "you wait ages for them to come along and then two come along on the same day."

Good quality coverage of London politics is also few and far between, but the London edition of the Politics Show is one of the few places where you can expect to find it. 

Essential viewing for all Nerdistanis. Watch in Full.


Chris said...

It was an interesting discussion with Blakeway, Sampson and Slaughter. Blakeway's claim that aiming for a bigger proportion of social housing just leads to polarised communities reveals the true motivation behind the policy I expect.

Anonymous said...

have you thought that he might have better things to do than talk to the BBC? no thought not!

Letters From A Tory said...

Errr, I notice that your previous post on Kulveer Ranger made lots of references to "some people" who apparently want him out of a job.

Shame you didn't mention who these people are and couldn't find any quotes worth using.

The Troll said...

It was a shame I couldn't yes. Andrew Gilligan has since suggested that one of those people is Boris's transport commissioner Peter Hendy. All I can say is that it is not just people who were in the previous administration but senior people in the new administration as well. I could give you a tasty quote from them if you like, but not the name.