Sunday, 2 November 2008

The very common tactics of Mr. Andrew Gilligan

Andrew Gilligan commenting here after I accused him of engaging in sock-puppetry:

"I'm immensely flattered to loom so large in your lives. A bit worried about your lives, though..."

And of course:

"I do visit your charming site from time to time, and I've always found it a real haven of common sense and factual accuracy."

And for good measure: 

"Please continue your admirable practice of never letting a day go past without mentioning my name. It will have a real, if modest, impact on my next bonus."

Which was all very predictable. It's just unfortunate that he left these other comments on Roy Greenslade's blog last year:


How dare you publish a story about me without even trying to contact me."

Well if it's good for the goose...

"Ken is adopting the age-old politician's trick of denying a series of charges which my story never actually made."

It's good for the gander.

"It is a very common tactic for politicians in trouble to turn the attack on the media."

Isn't it just.

"Mr Livingstone would do better to answer the series of detailed questions on this project which we submitted to his office exactly two weeks ago, and to which he has still been unable to provide a single answer.

"Nor has he in fact denied anything which we really did report in our story yesterday."
I still await Andrew's full and detailed response.


Tom said...

"It will have a real, if modest, impact on my next bonus."

Thinking about this, we should mention Gilligan's name as Gilligan often as Gilligan possible. It will eventually bankrupt the Evening Standard, leaving Gilligan a rich and unemployed Gilligan.

The Troll said...

I'm not so sure that's such a good Gilligan idea Gilligan. There's only so much Gilligan a Gilligan can Gilligan after all.

BenSix said...

We certainly Gilligan...I mean, can.