Thursday, 11 December 2008

BNP Councillor thrown out of Barking Town Hall

One of Richard Barnbrook's fellow BNP councillors was thrown out of a Barking and Dagenham council meeting last night, after refusing to apologise for comparing sex education to paedophilia.

Councillor Lawrence Rustem (second right) was asked to say sorry for is previous statement that teaching sex education to children before secondary school was akin to paedophilia.

But rather than withdraw his statement, Rustem instead launched into a long rant about the Labour government and immigration declaring that he would 'answer the question the way I want to answer it.'

When even calls from his own party members to 'shut up' were ignored, Rustem was escorted from the chamber.

Not willing to leave it there, he turned on a Labour councillor and offered him 'outside for a dance.' The offer was understandably declined.

Other highlights from the meeting included the BNP group leader Robert Bailey calling a Labour councillor a Nazi and Richard Barnbrook boasting about his rugby skills.

Other vital matters raised by the BNP concerned the supply of Halal meat in schools and the plight of the 'native minority' in the 'Labour borough of Ealing'.


As I left the pubic gallery, people around me complained about the 'squabbling' that always takes place at these meetings. 

And as I stepped outside a clearly distraught woman turned on the assembled BNP councillors and screamed at them for failing to talk about 'the kids'.

Ignoring calls from Richard Barnbrook for her to return, she quickly walked off down the street, crying as she went.

This was my first time in Barking and Dagenham and whatever grief or worries she was feeling I cannot tell you.

But from watching the paralysis caused by the BNP in the council chamber last night, I can see little chance of her concerns being met any time soon.


A casual observer said...

I almost forgot: I went to university at the same time as Mark Collett. Lucky me.

He wasn't very vocal at first, but as word got around he became something of a celebrity (if that's the right word) on campus.

After word spread he "kept himself to himself", according to his coursemates.

Funny how everyone says that, isn't it?

A hypothetical example:

News reporter: "How do you feel that your neighbour of ten years is a sex offender?"

Neighbour: "Er... I didn't really speak to the guy. He kept himself to himself, you know? Bit of a loner."

The Troll said...

It's always the quiet ones etc.

If only he had kept himself to himself though then we wouldn't have these two gems to watch. Good job he's in charge of publicity eh?

Anonymous said...

Not willing to leave it there, he turned on a Labour councillor and offered him 'outside for a dance.' The offer was understandably declined.

The five knuckle shuffle?

Anonymous said...

The Troll said...

That last piece of BNP spam came from a concerned London resident of Ripon North Yorkshire.

Thanks for the spam Ripon.

Anonymous said...

Well as the Facists have to go as far away as Post Code HG4 to comment I wonder what these nuptys can say about this :-

Perhaps they could coment on this

and this

Old Sailor

Dicky Barnbrook (Artist) said...

As an artist (piss and by numbers,) I think it is only fair that I defend Cllr Rustem.

Lawrence is such a delicate chap and an all 'round nice guy, but sometimes he is misunderstood.

If anyone should be suggesting that Lawrence was offering to fight anyone, let me immediately dissuade them from thinking as such.

Lawrence was only offering to show councillor Carroll the ancient art of Morris dancing, something that he has been doing in his spare time out the back of the kebab shop for years.

Now, has anyone seen my ballerina?

Anonymous said...

Really interested in Richard Barnbrooks claim to fame with Rugby, I understand he claimed to have played for Blackheath.

Now my rugby knowledge is limited, but I understand that they are a good well known and respected team, I do wonder if there is any truth in Mr Barnbrooks claim.

victor allen said...

Barking by name, barking by nature?

Harold said...

Who's that in the back of the picture dressed up as a schoolgirl?

prj45 said...

"and the plight of the 'native minority' in the 'Labour borough of Ealing'."

Er, Ealing is a Tory controlled council, can't they get anything right?

James said...

Strangely enough I was in Ealing just yesterday and if there was a darkie majority the crafty devils were hiding thoroughly.

The Troll said...

Rustem read out a long list of Labour boroughs where 'natives' were supposedly in the minority. As you say Ealing isn't a Labour borough and his figures were bunk.

You really do have to check every single thing that they say. A lot of it is just lies.

Tom said...

Perhaps he meant Poles? Better watch out, Adam.

The Troll said...

From a certain forum: 'crap blog and have you seen his name?' Yeah I'm a pinko and a foreigner. What you gonna do about it fellas?

Tom said...

I think they should send you back where you came from.

prj45 said...

"Perhaps he meant Poles? Better watch out, Adam."

Now there are a lot of Polish in Ealing.

Primarily due to their parents and grandparents escaping Nazi occupied Poland during the second world war and saving the country's arse by joining in the Battle of Britain (probably left out of many more politically correct history books that I suspect you might find in the local BNP information centre).

The Troll said...

"Primarily due to their parents and grandparents escaping Nazi occupied Poland during the second world war and saving the country's arse by joining in the Battle of Britain"

It's true, although my Grandad ended up settling in South East London for some reason after fighting with the RAF.

Anonymous said...

History Books to be found in a BNP information centre, you could not be more wrong, even to suggest that any books would be found there, as we are all well aware that in common with their Star Player Richard Barnbrook many BNP members are unable to read.

This is of course why they then believe the lies and spin that is put forward by their party, members are unable to check the facts for themselves.

BenSix said...

"and have you seen his name?" I come to think of it, there is something suspicious about the name Adam...

Helen said...

Enough of this foreign talk. I'm going to decorate my traditional British (German) Christmas tree, eat some traditional British (Greek fruit, West Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan spices) mince pies and celebrate the birth of the traditional British (Palestinian) baby Jesus.

Tom said...

"Now there are a lot of Polish in Ealing. "

Yes, I know some of them - west London generally actually, possibly due to Northolt. A few years ago at a house-warming I met a former Lancaster tail-gunner who, on learning that one of the new residents was Polish, insisted on congratulating her on her country producing the bravest men he served with. I'd not like to have had to do his job for a fortune, so that's quite a tribute.

She is from Ealing, as it happened, her parents having left Poland in the 70s to get away from Communism (her politics are best described as right-wing Galician nationalism, as it happens), but it's the same principle really - Britain represented freedom and something worth fighting for.

My great-grandmother was from Gdansk, as it happens, although she was German and Jewish. The BNP would have sent her back to the hands of the Gestapo when she arrived in the UK in 1938, of course. 'British' my arse.

Harold said...

What do you mean ' a lot of it is just lies'. Which bit isn't a lie?
Nazis can't tell the truth if it jumps up and hits them on the head. According to them Hitler ran smashing hotel resorts for the Jews and he only went to Poland for a holiday with a few friends....

Helen said...

I'd recommend a visit to the Resistance Museum in Oslo for anybody who thinks the Nazis were rather nice, really: