Monday, 8 December 2008

Boris Johnson's Midas touch lives on as Ross falls

I wish I had some fresh insight for you on the downfall of yet another of Boris Johnson's appointments. Needless to say his now legendary Midas touch with choosing precisely the wrong man for the job carries on.

To play us out I shall leave you with a comment from fellow Boris-Watcher Tom Barry:

-Update- The Lib Dems say it's time to go
-Update- Pippa Crerar now has a full report
-Update- Paul Waugh on Ross, Boris and Cameron
-Update- Tory Troll: A lesson in news management


Tom said...

I've got a pretty good record of getting stuff published in the Standard comments. It's a matter of getting the wheedling poor-me-I'm-the-victim voice off pat.

Either that or the comment mods really don't like Gilligan. I'm eagerly awaiting his triumphant bendy rant.

The Troll said...

Well he's already dismissed the investigation into Boris based on... you tell me! I'm sure the bendy issue will get the same thorough treatment.

Tom said...

Pippa Crerar has an update:

The Troll said...

Thanks for the link. Boris will have to replace Ross now surely?

Tom said...

I'm not so sure, to be honest - we said after the Parker stuff that he can't afford another resignation, and it's a fairly esoteric matter (actually when you look at it, it's not esoteric at all, but it's not in the same league as Lewis).

The Troll said...

No it's clearly not in the same league at all and you can't really blame Boris for choosing somebody who has otherwise had an impressive record. Having said that, I find it hard to see how Boris can keep Ross in charge of Olympic financial probity when he is involved in a share scandal. He may still keep him involved but at a lower level as he did with Parker.

Lib Dems (press release) said...

David Ross should be "replaced"- Dee Doocey Lib Dem London Assembly member

David Ross was appointed to the Local Organising Committee of the London 2012 Olympic Games by Mayor of London Boris Johnson earlier this summer. He was, according to the official site of LOCOG appointed to "look at all aspects of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to ensure that they create a truly lasting legacy for all Londoners and that London is not left with an unreasonable bill for generations to come."

Liberal Democrat London Assembly and Olympics spokesperson Dee Doocey said:

"A person who has problems with his own financial dealings, and has had to resign from the company he co-owned as a result, is surely not the right person to be overseeing the costs of the Olympics on behalf of Londoners. Boris Johnson should seek a replacement; someone in who we can all have confidence."

Tom said...

Pro London have an unsurprisingly rather unsympathetic viewpoint: