Tuesday, 16 December 2008

How will Boris Johnson's GLA tax freeze affect me?

Just listening to Boris big up his freeze on the Mayoral precept and thought I would stop for a minute and work out how much I'm going to save.

Well for 2008-9 the precept rose by an absolutely scandalous two per cent. Here's how that hits me each and every week:

That's right London, if Boris had been in power last year he would have saved me around 11p a week. 

To be honest, that didn't sound like much at first, but when I rolled it out, I found that I would have saved almost six whole pounds a year.

Now with that kind of money I could have paid for a whole extra day's travelcard every 12 months. Oh wait.


Anonymous said...

By my reckoning I'm going to save £6 a year on the precept and spend an extra £220 a year on my travelcard:


Thanks a lot Bojo!

Tom said...


I saved 11p on a diary for the missus over the weekend, in VAT. That just pays for the extra cost of one bus journey from January. What Gordon Brown giveth, Boris Johnson taketh away.

The Troll said...

Boris Johnson at City Hall: value for money is getting 'more for less' (we pay more and still get less.)

Olly said...


That's what I call "more bang for your buck"

D-Notice said...

Don't spend it all at once!

Helen said...

All these extra (fewer) police are immensely useful, as I saw this morning at Hammersmith bus station. Five police officers on duty at 09:40 which is obviously far more sensible than having them around at, say, 23:30 on a Friday night, when there's never a plod to be seen. Maybe they were just there to listen to the anti-hoodie Vivaldi blaring out.