Monday, 8 December 2008

A lesson in news management

I was first alerted to the resignation of David Ross from Carphone Warehouse at 9.00 this morning.

Since then there have been dozens of articles published, none of which contain a response from the Mayor's office.

The Evening Standard's final deadline has passed and BBC London's deadline is getting close, and there has still been no statement from City Hall.

Tory Central Office are keeping schtum about it and all the relevant people are 'in meetings' for the next hour.

So what exactly is going on here. Do Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have confidence in David Ross or not?

-Update- David Ross donated £142,755 to Conservatives.
-Update- Story well down schedule on BBC. Job done.


Tony said...

They're probably still trying to explain to Boris who David Ross is. "You know Boris that nice man with the pretty girlfriend and the free phones."

Anonymous said...

You don't hire Guto Harri for nothing. Boris is probably thinking right now that this is the best £124K of our money he's ever spent!!

MrMac said...

Boris Johnson has made a wish to replace the bendy bus, but not a case.For more details see;