Saturday, 27 December 2008

Richard Barnbrook's 'Nazi' complaint thrown out

Poor Richard Barnbrook. He's not having much luck.

No sooner did he have one of his complaints against assembly members thrown out, than another one gets thrown out as well:

Ah Diddums! Did the bad man call you a bad word?

Now when Barking and Dagenham's BNP leader called the Labour group leader a 'Nazi', I don't remember Richard getting so upset.

But then I guess it's only the truth that really hurts:

You see Richard, if you look like a Nazi, sound like a Nazi and work for a load of Nazis, then you shouldn't be surprised when people go and call you a Nazi. 

Of course you could always just stop being such a Nazi and get on with your job, but until that time, people will continue to say what they see.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Barnbrook he really is not having much luck,but, what can he expect? he has been a sitting Councillor for a little over 2 years and an Assembly Member since May yet he has made no effort at all to learn.

Certainly in the mentioned debate on healthcare, and his really stupid comment that it was Barking & Dagenham Council which had made the decision and statement over vaccination just goes to prove how little he has bothered to learn.

John Biggs was correct to reprimand in the way that he did, if Barnbrook wants and continues to throw in cheap political shots he needs to grow up and realise that those with more experience and knowledge will shoot back.


Helen said...

I often have difficulty recognising the incomprehensible drivel that emanates from Barnbrook's gob as English - maybe Boris could send him on an ESOL course for the New Year?

Phil BC said...

Poor old Barny. He does himself no favours though, running around with his 1930s hair do and suits that scream fascist. What a total loser.

Barry Rochford said...

Barnbrook has learnt - he's learnt how to be a Nazi. No one should apologise to him for calling him by his proper name.
Also, don't be fooled by his publicity seeking antics. He's more calcualted than you might give him credit for and will raise any issue in the hope of blaming people on grouinds of race - just as the Jews were blamed for unemployment in the 30s.