Friday, 12 December 2008

Where are Boris's extra People's Question Times?

Boris Johnson on increasing the number of People's Question Times:

"The GLA Act requires the Mayor to hold an annual State of London Debate, and to conduct a minimum of two People’s Question Times per year. I have undertaken to hold an additional four PQTs to further increase the transparency of London government."

Good stuff, and again:

"The mayor is committed to increasing the number of Peoples Question Time events from two to six to ensure there are more opportunities Londoners have to hold him to account."

Excellent. So how's that coming along? Well take a look at the draft schedule for the next three years: 

So am I missing something here? Where are those twelve extra PQTs that we were told about?


Tom said...

On the other hand, they are nicely balanced between areas, which addresses one of our concerns. They're rather oddly set up to give two Conservative ones towards the end of his term, though, and there's *still* no Hounslow visit, in fact West London seems to be ignored as usual until right at the end.

The Troll said...

You couldn't possibly be suggesting that they're arranged to fit in with Boris's re-election campaign could you?

It does seem to be a fairly good mix otherwise, but I still can't understand what has happened to the missing twelve. Will they be filled in later? Have they been abandoned?

Tom said...

Hammersmith is historically rather marginal, it's not as if they picked Bexley. The probability of Greenhalgh and co. at the council doing something really unpopular by then are approximately 1, as well.

Barry Rochford said...

How much influence would these events have on the outcome of an election?
Also, if one is scheduled for March 2012, it would have to be early or it would count as an election cost.
I note that Brian Coleman's is scheduled for 2010. Nothing to do with taxi bill claims being scrutinised in 2012 then.