Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Boris Johnson tells Tories to forget allowance grab

Boris Johnson today urged Conservative members of the Fire Authority to show 'restraint' in the future after a failed attempt to increase their own allowances.

Asked whether he supported the actions of Brian Coleman, Roger Evans and Tony Arbour he replied:

"I'm generally in favour of restraint and as far as I'm able to direct it, I will direct restraint."

As the members under discussion looked on nervously, Labour AM Navin Shah told the Mayor:

"Your group Mr Mayor on the Fire authority is aspiring to have increased special responsibility allowances not only for the Chair and the Vice Chair but also for Assembly members who are on the fire authority. Is this something that you support personally given the moral obligations you mention in these difficult ecomonic times?"

Seemingly unaware of the cash-grab by his members, Boris replied:

"I'm in favour of us all setting an example yes."

Let's hope they all follow that example from now on.


Will said...

Well it's not going to bother Boris is it? What's a few grand pay rise, when you can get £250,000 to write a load of tut in the Torygraph once a week?

AdamB said...

Just as an afterthought, I'm accused by Roger Evans over here of not wanting to help. Can I make up for that failing by helpfully pointing you all in the direction of Roger's post about the Fire Authority meeting in question and pointing out to Roger that he forgot to mention all this allowances stuff. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Feathers and nests always seem to come to mind when Tories start getting seats of power.