Friday, 9 January 2009

Boris Johnson's City Hall 'shredder' story in shreds

Anyone listening to Radio Four's 'Inside City Hall' documentary last night will have heard Boris tell this story about the weekend following his election victory:

"One of the things about the first weekend is we weren't allowed in. We weren't allowed in (to City Hall) until Monday. So I think the shredders were a-whining and a-humming for the first weekend, but we weren't there."

Now there was something about this claim that didn't quite ring true. Surely Boris gave this speech on the Saturday?

Okay, but maybe he was just allowed into the main chamber. Maybe in the upper regions of the tower, the shredders were still a-whirring?

Well apparently not. According to one current City Hall worker Boris's claims are:

"Absolute rubbish. City Hall was open to all that weekend. Indeed I met with Tories (and others) at 9am on the Saturday."

Right. So some Tories were let into the offices but maybe Boris's team were kept at bay? Well not quite. According to one member of the old administration:

"They were not allowed to take 'possession' of the offices but I'm pretty sure they had tours around; and either way it's just rubbish to say they weren't allowed in the building. As I was arriving to finish off emptying my office on Saturday Nick Boles was coming in for meetings."

Hey, but what's a few carefully placed smears between political enemies eh? I mean it's not like we're talking 'secret wine cellars' here. Are we?


Anonymous said...

It's not a lie it's just his charm!

AdamB said...

What, lying?

Anonymous said...

It might be correct. Boris didn't say who wouldn't let him in, it might have been his own team shredding things.

Tom said...

Remind me what he lost his first job for?