Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Courage of Colonel Kit

My congratulations go out to Boris Johnson's overworked Deputy Kit Malthouse who has finally found the time to oust the Iraqi insurgent from his website.

But Kit, surely you've missed something?

Maybe Marqos was annoyed with the results of these polls:

Talking of biting bullets, it seems that David Cameron's finally bit right through one:

'Mr Cameron, who fielded questions on a range of subjects during an hour-long meeting including knife crime and immigration, also appeared lukewarm about the idea of an island airport off Sheppey.

'Although he declined to rule out the idea, he said extending existing capacity at regional airports and building a high speed rail link to cities like Leeds and Birmingham were the answer:

He told the Kentish audience:

"Boris does not have the power to build a new aiport."

Whoops. It Looks like you're going to need a lot more of that courage now Kit.


Tom said...

Yup, definitely a smack-down. Cameron is far from convinced about devolved government, of course, which doesn't look good for Kit's other (main?) job, running the Met.

AdamB said...

Yes Cameron was against the ousting of Ian Blair of course (until it happened upon which he had a magical conversion).

The party as a whole does seem to be for devolution on the whole with Milton especially pushing it. But as you say, Cameron is not so keen to give away powers he may very soon receive. Mind you there is one old Westminster Council practice that Dave does seem to be getting behind.

Anonymous said...

What's Kit going to do now his floating airport scheme has been scuppered? Flying taxi cabs? Prison ships?

AdamB said...

How about dual purpose policemen / bus conductors? I wonder where that bright spark came from?

AdamB said...

And Marquos is back.

gill moore said...

given the miraculous events in America regarding bird strike I hope that Boris and his team have fully taken on board the dangers of bird strike.
An airport in the Thames Estuary would be unsafe.
Even with an aggressive bird hazard management programme (i.e. shooting or scaring the birds away), the bird strike hazard would be up to 12 times higher than at any other major UK airport.The governments own birdstrike hazard report from the 2003 SERAS study stated that "It is difficult to envisage a more problematic site anywhere in the UK''

AdamB said...

Absolutely. It is a major world site for migrating birds and would be a disastrous place to put and airport (for both the birds and the planes). It shouldn't be too hard to work out you would have thought.