Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Have Your Say: Heathrow

21 January 2009, 7pm
The Beck Theatre, Hayes

"This special nimby love-in People's Question Time meeting with Mayor of London Boris Johnson will focus on just one issue - the expansion of Heathrow Airport.

"Come along for a pre-election campaign rally lively debate around the issues of the Heathrow expansion and what it means for the environment, businesses, residents and London.

"The Mayor will ignore anything he has actual responsibility for take your questions with speakers representing opinions for and against expansion."


"The meeting will be held at The Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2UE."


"To request free tickets, please call the box office at The Beck Theatre, tel 020 8561 8371.

"Tickets are limited to two per household. Ticketholders will need to be seated by 6.45pm on the night to guarantee entry." ALSO HERE.


Helen said...

This cunningly appeared on the GLA Events page as the Beck's Box Office closed. What's the betting when I ring them tomorrow that the tickets have all been allocated already to "representatives" from Tory boroughs?

Rayyan said...

Hi Adam - going completely off-topic here but just wanted to plug the Gaza peace demonstration in London this Saturday, as these demonstrations are always very London events (my report on the last one sheds some light on why). Cheers - and hopefully see you there on Saturday.

AdamB said...

I can't make it I'm afraid Rayyan. I hope it goes well though.

Helen said...

I have reserved a ticket. We'll see if Security make me sign an oath of fealty before I'm allowed in.

AdamB said...

I would expect nothing less Helen!

Rayyan said...

Thanks Adam. BTW I was going to come to the Progressive London conference but unfortunately it's on the same day as a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting. Despite that, I find it odd that all the Pro-London website currently consists of some long-ish attacks on Boris over things like bus fares and spending u-turns. All good - but we already have much better blogs casting a critical eye over the blond one, such as your own. I hope Pro-London becomes a real movement rather than a rarely updated website.