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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Is this the beginning of the Evening Tatler?

The Evening Standard editor Victoria Wadley is set to go if the Lebedev deal goes ahead, with all eyes now on the Tatler editor Geordie Greig to take her place.

According to the Media Guardian:

"Lebedev intends to make the Standard fresher and younger, and possibly more progressive, and move the paper away from the direct influence of Paul Dacre, the powerful and opinionated editor-in-chief of Associated Newspapers, the DMGT subsidiary that publishes the paper.

"Greig, an Old Etonian and Oxford University graduate, has edited Tatler, part of the Conde Nast empire, for nearly a decade. He has worked at the Daily Mail, Today and the Sunday Times as a war reporter, crime reporter, fashion writer, New York correspondent and literary editor. He started his career at the Kentish Mercury, based in Deptford."

Now I'm no fan of Dacre, but to me this sounds like the Evening Standard is going to become even more lightweight than it was under Wadley.

Of course if Greig does comes in, there is always the chance that he could return to his days at the Deptford Mercury, rooting out the dirt on serious local issues.

Or alternatively we could just see more stories like this:

I won't be holding my breath...


Anonymous said...

Or stories like this?

AdamB said...

Yup, that's the kind of thing.

Jujupiter said...

I'm classy, I have big white teeth and a killer suit. Vote for me!!

Anonymous said...

What about poor Gilligan? My day isn't complete without one of his columns about how he caught a train the other day.

AdamB said...

Ha Ha Ha. I'm sure Gilligoonovich will be alright. Richard Littlejohn will need replacing at some point.

Chris said...

I liked the one where he bought a ticket and (this is the best bit) he got the change in 5 ps. It was a classic!

Anonymous said...

They all look like weirdos to me. Shaun says a lot of typical tory "i did it all myself" anti-welfare bullshit masquerading under touchy-feely youth work platitudes. Plus his eyebrows are....... wrong.

prj45 said...

"I liked the one where he bought a ticket and (this is the best bit) he got the change in 5 ps. It was a classic!"

In that story he also goes on to say how sad Ken was for opening the station; about as sad as wanting Boris to do a Christmas message on TV?

I did love the story when the Virgin train attendant told him to fuck off after he insisted on taking his unbooked bike on the train. He missed out a whole section of what he said to provoke the guy, but I can imagine he's quite good at it.