Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Investigation into Boris Johnson goes to next stage

The investigation into possible breaches of the GLA and MPA codes of conduct by Boris Johnson will continue to the next stage, it was revealed today.

If it is found that he has broken the code of conduct, then he could face sanctions ranging from the requirement to make a formal apology, to full suspension from office.

Although not yet officially announced, today's decision means that Boris will have to take part in an interview with the monitoring officer before a possible referral to the Standards Board for England.

The investigation was launched last month after Boris
  • Spoke out against Damian Green's arrest
  • Revealed he had spoken to Damian Green about that arrest,
  • Revealed the contents of a private discussion with the Commissioner of the Met before
  • Publicly throwing doubt on the possibility of any prosecution of Damian Green ever taking place.
The full details of the case can be read here and I don't want to go over anything that has already been said.

However, whatever the results of this investigation, I do hope that the mayor is not suspended or removed from office in any way.

Despite what some people say, breaking the code of conduct is a serious matter and appropriate action should always be taken

But unless a politician is guilty of a criminal offence, it should be down to voters and voters alone, when and for how long, politicians should stay in their jobs.

-Update- The full decision notice can be read here.


Anonymous said...

How about renaming your blog: the tedious barrel scrape em troll

AdamB said...

Why don't you rename yourself 'not very appealing of Ealing.'? In fact any name would do seeing as you're not willing to go under your own.

Tim said...

Where are the Tories who were shouting about the police and their behaviour with regards to the rules, due process, a democracy on the brink of collapse, etc. etc.? You know; the ones who scraped the barrel with the hard spin on grooming.

(PS - I uncovered two Tory activists who worked under Anne Milton MP claiming via an anonymous website that their opponent was a paedophile, and none of the 'leading' bloggers gave a damn. To this day, none of them have condemned the action. Ditto for Milton. But when the police - allegedly - use the word 'grooming' when a Tory is being formally questioned, suddenly they're all up in arms. Bastards.)

Will said...

Iain Dale reckons the committee isn't fit to "Kiss His Sweet White Ass."

AdamB said...

Well Iain should know.

Anonymous said...

Things just aren't going Boris's way, are they? As Iain Dale notes with indignation, the Standards Committee also threw out Boris's own complaint against Labour Assembly Member John Biggs.

AdamB said...

Interesting. I didn't realise that it was Boris himself who made the complaint against Biggs. That hardly fits his devil may care image does it?