Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year on the Southbank

It's funny, because in this other recording I can't hear all that cheering after the speeches. This couldn't be another switcheroo moment could it? Surely Boris wouldn't have anything to do with something like that?


Helen said...

So this year it's very likely that London will "show the world how to party" as long as everyone can cough up £10 for the privilege of standing in the cold for six hours.

AdamB said...

Come now Helen, that's hardly the spirit. With Boris's 11p precept freeze we can at least afford to pay to stand in our own city and watch our own fireworks at least once every two years (as long as we walk there).

prj45 said...

Obviously the guy who took the video was standing right in the middle of a large section of people from the hairsplitter's convention, hence no cheering.