Thursday, 15 January 2009

Reactions to the Evening Standard Lebedev deal

I've been reading up on some of the press reactions to the Lebedev deal and it's mostly been positive.

It seems that in a sinking industry, the crew will jump onto just about any passing boat, no matter who the captain is.

In fact far from being gloomy, there seems to be joy about Lebedev being a man of culture and about this being an altruistic gesture which could extend to other papers.

Now I can understand these thoughts. Nobody wants to lose their job, and it would be a sad day if London no longer had a newspaper.

And if Lebedev was genuinely putting money into the industry for the good of journalism and the capital, then I would be happy as anyone.

But Lebedev isn't quite the anti-Kremlin champion of free speech that some have portrayed him as. 

Lebedev is a hard-nosed practitioner of mayoral and presidential politics and there's absolutely no way that he won't be making use of his new toy.

And besides, there's an old Russian saying, which I first heard from my grandad when Putin came to power. He told me:

"Adam, in Russia they say once KGB, always KGB."

I'll be keeping that in mind over the next few years.


Helen said...

Wot no Russian Winter Festival Gala Dinner?

AdamB said...

Ha Ha. What's the betting that will be dragged off of the scrapheap for next year?

Rob said...

Or as General Gogol said to Max Zorin in A View To A Kill: "Nobody ever leaves the KGB".

Fausty said...


Russian defector, Golitsyn warned about Perestroika and its long-term, hidden communist goals.

Are we in the West so easily gulled? Shouldn't there be *some* alarm over an ex Duma member owning two major UK newspapers?