Friday, 2 January 2009

The Vigilance of Colonel Kit

Kit Malthouse is my favourite London Assembly Member. When he's not busy with his nine jobs, planning his fantasy airports, dreaming up his underground cities and free council services, he finds time to tell the Evening Standard just how well he's getting on with it all.

Take this interview today with Katherine Barney. Asked about the bipartisan struggle against knife crime, he slips effortlessly into party politicking, self-aggrandisement and random populism:

"One of the things we said to them right at the very start of our mayoralty was the efforts on knife crime had to be up front and, above all, sustained."

'our mayoralty'?

"We took a strategic decision that we weren't going to mess around with crime in the same way other politicians have - you muck around with the statistics, you dance around like an amateur John Sergeant in Strictly Come Dancing."

Yeah. Just like that.

"The deputy mayor was scathing about the way the Home Office released apparently favourable knife crime figures on 11 December that were criticised the next day by the UK Statistics Authority as "premature, irregular and selective".

"He compared this to US president George Bush's notorious "mission accomplished" speech in May 2003 suggesting major combat operations in Iraq were over. Since then a bloody insurgency has claimed thousands of civilian and military lives."

It's true of course. Ol' Georgey thought he had it all locked up, and then those nasty Iraqis sneaked in through the back door. That kind of thing aint going to happen under Colonel Kit's watch. No sir:

-Update- George Bush getting the shoe in Kit's Campaign diary:

Oh Kit. You make me feel safe at night, you really do.


Anonymous said...

Comparing Malthouse to Bush?????? does that mean I have to throw SLIPPERS instead of shoes?


AdamB said...

A tasteful pair of moccasins surely?

AdamB said...

Ha Ha. I've just noticed that Marqos has also commemorated the shoe throwing incident on Kit's site here Mission Accomplished Marqos!

Will said...

This is a scandal, my council tax money is paying for Iraqi propaganda. Somebody send in the inspectors.

Tony said...

I see Boris island isn't getting much support even there.

AdamB said...

I trust he will abide by the results of this consultation as well.

Tom said...

There'll be another consultation along in a minute.

Seriously, it's a bit rich banging on about Bush given Boris's previous journalism and the fervent support of many Tories for the war.

prj45 said...

I see Mr Malthouse has taken steps to see knife crime reduced, by blaming somebody else:

'Kit Malthouse accused Home Office ministers of "blundering around" on the issue and warned "it's about time somebody got a grip on this".'