Saturday, 7 February 2009

Boris admits Heathrow QT "not the most balanced"

Boris Johnson admitted that the controversial Heathrow 'People's Question Time' was 'not the most balanced' of events shortly after coming off stage.

Speaking to camera, the Mayor admitted:

"I think we had fairly overwhelming support, but on the other hand as far as I could tell of the 600 people in the audience only two were against our position so perhaps it was not the most balanced of debates if I'm being totally honest."

The admission comes after complaints from London Assembly Members about being excluded from the event and after one AM called for the full £20,000 cost of staging it to be sent to the Conservative Party.

Speaking to the Guardian, John Biggs said that the presence of so many Conservative politicians on stage, made the whole event little more than 'Tory party propaganda.'

Biggs, who along with all other Assembly Members is against the expansion of Heathrow, feels that only Conservatives were allowed to associate themselves with the cause. 

According to the Guardian:

"The panel of speakers arguing against the plans was made up exclusively of Conservatives: Johnson, Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park, and Ray Puddifoot, the Conservative council leader of Hillingdon council and a representative of the 2M coalition of councils opposed to expansion.

"The event was also chaired by a Conservative, Richard Barnes, who is Johnson's deputy mayor and the assembly member for Ealing and Hillingdon."

The case for the expansion of Heathrow was left to a local businessman, a Labour MP and an empty chair.

The chair was supposedly to be filled by Gordon Brown although it has since emerged that he never agreed to come.

As if to emphasise the true purpose of the event the footage of the Mayor is accompanied by a link to the following press release:

As Boris said, this was not the most balanced of events.

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