Monday, 9 February 2009

Boris Johnson recycles himself for Londoners

Some news just in from our Twittering Mayor:

Which must have come as surprising news to Recycle for London, who were established back in 2003.

Still, at least Boris has left it over five years before recycling his predecessor's press releases. He certainly hasn't waited that long to recycle his own:

At this rate I'm going to have some real trouble choosing next year's top ten.


tommy said...

There's no danger of you running out of things to write about for the next 3 years with this man. Perhaps you can expand to a top 20..

Jared, London said...

where did this text with the sloppy headline come from? the GLA site doesnt claim this- it states "The latest Recycle for London campaign is using innovative technologies to encourage Londoners to think before they throw away their rubbish and to feed their recycling habit instead". The headline is: "Cutting edge technology to boost recycling and change behaviour". I really hope you're not falling into sloppy 'Evening Standard' habits where you dont check the source or at least check the actual official source before deciding what to write...normally Im mostly impressed with what's on here, but this is rubbish! (excuse the pun!). It is not a recycled scheme either(!)-it's a continuation of work started by the previous mayor, and is also linked to the new LW&RB, which is managing an £80 odd million govt/LDA fund for new technologies and approaches to waste reduction etc. It would be good if you could give credit where credit's due for once, as Boris hasnt ditched Recycle for London, which used to be rather unpopular with the tory boroughs under the previous mayor- so this is a good news story for a change!

AdamB said...

Jared - It comes from the Mayor's own Twitter account supposedly written by himself.

I'm willing to credit him where it's due but I'm not willing to credit him with having started a scheme which as you say was started by the previous mayor. Boris claimed to have launched Recycle for London today. He hasn't. What's sloppy about pointing that out?

Martin Hoscik said...


I already pulled him up on this on Twitter, it was just shameless - even more so than usual.

AdamB said...

Thanks Martin. I think I came across it through your tweet.

Jared, London said...

yes Adam, so 'twitter' mutterings by the mayor is what should be followed now? it's clearly just a quick sentence rolled off the tongue (or the keyboard in this case) and hasnt been suggested anywhere else.

I use these blogs as antidotes to the lack of media coverage from the so-called london press, but if this is what you think is worth shouting about, i might think twice. if it's a page for you and a selected few people who agree with you to lament the loss of ken for whatever reason-why not just do it via email?

I dont mean to offend, but my point was entirely valid which you completely chose to ignore- being that it is entirely relevant to say you were sloppy by either ignoring or not looking up the GLA's press release, the Recycle for London site, or other formal offerings, rather than just something that is clearly the mayor rambling a quick comment down for his twitter.

If that is now to be considered a key media source that is how the masses find out about what the Mayor does, then fair enough, but I'd suggest otherwise. And to take something like this so literally, then are we also to agree that Gordon Brown thinks we're in a depression and that last year he saved the world?? this twitter comment by Boris is no more than that.

I'll stop there as I don't enjoy defending Boris, but I think there are better things to point out which I'm not sure have been discussed on here (apologies if they have)- such as his removal of the third phase of the Low Emission Zone last week, only a week after the EU issued proceedings against the UK for failing to meet the EU Air Quality Directive on NOx and particulates. with over 1000 deaths a year in London alone attributed to air pollution, I'd consider that a far more worthy issue to attack Boris on. The third phase would've banned between 35-50,000 polluting 'white van man' from coming in to London- he's using the economic downturn as the excuse to scrap it, yet TfL's incredibly rigourous assessment performed only 18mths prior under Ken undertook major Cost Benefit Analysis on economic impacts and air quality improvements etc. Apparently that was objective, yet with one foul swoop, has been stuck in the dust bin. such is politics, but it would be worth having a discussion on here about?


AdamB said...

Jared- I cover lots of different stories, both serious and frivolous and you can choose to not read them or read them as you wish.

It's a one-man operation so I obviously can't cover everything all of the time but I try and get as a big a range as I can. Sometimes that means in-depth pieces about bus capacity, other times it means one-sentence cheap shots at Boris Johnson. Again, if you don't like that, feel free to find your reading material elsewhere.

As for your complaint about this story, I still don't see what your point is. Boris (or whoever writes his Twitter feeds) claimed to have created RecycleforLondon and if you look at the website you will see that all press releases prior to Dec 2008 have been erased.

The impression given by the Tweet and the website (intended or not) is that this is a new initiative created by the mayor. It isn't, so I pointed that out. It's obviously not the most important story in the world but it is a perfectly legitimate one.