Monday, 9 February 2009

Boris Johnson rules out another SE London bridge

Brockley Central reports that Boris has ruled out supporting a proposed pedestrian and cyclist bridge at Rotherhithe.

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson is unimpressed:

"This is an excellent scheme, but we will have to wait for a more imaginative mayor to build it...

"This connecting bridge is the type of investment which has to be made if walking and cycling are going to be made easier and more enjoyable. I hope that Boris Johnson will think again, but I suspect that he won't. This Mayor is getting a reputation for closing down innovation and new transport schemes."

Now I can understand why supporters of the bridge are disappointed, and when Boris is intent on pouring billions into the Thames estuary, £65 million for a bridge doesn't sound too bad.

But unlike other projects tossed on to the bonfire last year, this bridge was never even on the long-list for funding by TfL.

The project would also almost certainly have met resistance from the Port of London Authority who generally oppose crossings where sight-lines aren't clear.

So while I share Nick's frustration about the absurd lack of crossings in this part of London, this is one project that was unlikely to get off the ground


Anonymous said...

What nonsense, this bridge had a full feasibility study done and was supported by both Tower Hamlets and Southwark Councils. Compare that to Boris's floating airport.

AdamB said...

Anonymous - Any project looks like a goer when you compare it to Malthouse Island. A more useful comparison is the Thames Gateway bridge where funding and the support of 4 out of the 5 boroughs affected was actually in place. Unfortunately Boris went with the one (conservative) borough that didn't support it. It's only projects like that that there is a chance of resurrecting.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Boris's docking of LT pay and then not docking or whatever might be a cause for comment.

Tom said...

"I would have thought Boris's docking of LT pay and then not docking or whatever might be a cause for comment."

Ooooh yes it is, although I'd question whether Boris's priority last week was red-inking 100 timesheets, or whatever. It's likely that, as with the snow, it took him by surprise, hence the damage limitation exercise.

Very bad PR day for Boris all round, plus some interesting vibes from the Standard, really. My personal odds on a transport workers strike were fairly short anyway, and just got shorter.

In other news, by the way, London Reconnections report actual large amounts of cash money going into actual transport projects, contracts, steel everything. Proper news, in other words.

AdamB said...

anonymous- More on that here.

AdamB said...

Tom - yes it's certainly been a bad day for Boris's PR, if a typical one.