Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brian Coleman 'too confrontational' - Audit Report

London's Fire Brigade is officially 'excellent' according to the Audit Commission, which you have to admit is great news and fantastically reassuring.

Now all London needs is a safe pair of hands to keep it on course. So who did Boris choose for that again? Ah yes here he is:

So what's Brian Coleman got to say for himself after nine months in the job? Does he think he's done well?

"I am very pleased that our determined leadership of LFEPA has been recognised by the Audit Commission. It reflects political leadership that I have shown at the Fire Authority since the election of a Conservative administration at City Hall last May."

Okay so let's have a look at the actual report shall we. What does it really say about that new leadership? 

Well first of all it's very pleased with the current Commissioner Ron Dobson. Dobson, who was appointed during the previous administration is apparently:

"a strong and visible leader. He inspires the confidence of staff, unions and Authority members and this helps to drive organisational change.

Good. Elsewhere:

"The Commissioner is highly regarded by staff. He inspires their confidence and trust. This has helped achieve changes such as introducing performance-related pay that would have been difficult in the past."

Excellent. Sounds like the right man for the job. So how about our new man in the Chair? How does the Audit Commission rate him?

"The Chairman is robust and challenging but staff and some external stakeholders find his style too confrontational."

Too confrontational. Could that cause some problems?

"Implementation of the Operational Efficiency Programme in 2009/10 represents significant organisational change in areas such as shift patterns, resting arrangements and station work routines. The programme is likely to test industrial relations and need good, agile leadership to take staff forward and drive through such challenging changes."

Oh well. At least we've still got the Commissioner right?


Anonymous said...

As someone once said about Boris becoming the London mayor: 'It's like entrusting a Ming vase to the hands of an ape.' You just hope he puts it down on the mantelpiece.

Anonymous said...

OH dear I do see trouble ahead, and Mr Coleman really needs to learn just where the power base is, and recognise who has the ladders and axes.


AdamB said...

Or the brass helmets for that matter.

Tom said...

Careful, if you accuse Mr. Coleman of anything his people threaten you with lawyers. I certainly don't want to suggest he's in anyway intemperate or confrontational.

AdamB said...

It's a good job the Audit Commission did it for us then. Plus, you can't sue for fair comment. Brian, it is my honestly held opinion that you are both intemperate and confrontational. There, I said it myself.

Anonymous said...

Mr Coleman really should get his facts right before making a statement to the press.

Mr Coleman was on local radio this morning (Friday) criticising a East London local council following a fire in a local infants school, Mr Coleman in his usual forthright manner stated that he could not believe that a local council when building a new school had failed to put in a sprinkler system, he then went on in a demanding manner that all local councils should put in low cost VFM sprinkler systems when building new schools.

Fact Mr Coleman the school you were referring to was built prior to 1950.

Fact Mr Coleman under LMS how the schools money is spent is down to its Governors.

And of course Mr Coleman all local Councils in building new schools will and do install the very best Fire Safety systems available.

My message to Mr Coleman Get your facts right or keep your mouth shut.


Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has got to go said...

tulip - I'm afraid that Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman has never been one to let the facts get in the way of an outburst.

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!:



Rog T said...

Brian Coleman misuses his position as a platform to attack political opponents. He applies one rule for friends and one for foes. I've detailed the difference between his attitude to Lynne Featherstone and Theresa Villiers receiving visits from the fire brigade.