Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Has the Lebedev deal killed off the Evening Boris?

Image by Beau Bo D'or
I was on my way back from an interview this afternoon when I took the chance to buy a copy of the newly liberated Evening Standard. And do you know what, it didn't make me feel physically ill.

Things I liked:
  1. Interesting front page scoop on the Met.
  2. Report on Boris admitting he can't build 50,000 new homes
  3. First ES interview with Ken Livingstone for seven years
  4. *Relatively* balanced editorial on Boris and Ken
  5. Scathing attack on Boris Johnson from Simon Jenkins
  6. No Andrew Gilligan.
So all in all, not a bad use of my fifty pence piece. 

Of course it's early days and I'm sure tomorrow's edition will bring yet another 1000-worder telling us about TfL's latest sinister racist plot.

But for once it was just a relief to read an entire copy of the Standard and not feel like spitting blood by the end. Long may it continue.

Image by Beau Bo D'or


Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather eat my own eyeballs than buy it again. Don't be fooled the Evening Standard will only ever attack Boris for not being right wing enough. See Jenkins on Tall buildings and Gilligan on Boris not sacking enough people at TfL. It's still a disgusting rag, it's just not a delusional one.


harold said...

Are your six observations in any particular order, or is it a competition that we can all enter to put them in preferential order?
If the latter, I would put No. 6 first.

Neil Harding said...

The ES must have alienated a lot of Londoners with it's overtly biased coverage during the six months up to the mayor election. I wouldn't ever trust that paper again after that - I expect it to revert to form in the run up to the next mayor election, for the time being it makes economic sense to woo Ken supporters back by being more even in its coverage.

AdamB said...

Harold - no not really. I don't agree with Jenkins for instance. It's just a novelty to see criticism allowed.

Neil - I suspect many Londoners feel the same. There are some decent people working there though and they do genuinely want it to change for the better. The new editor has promised to move it out of the shadow of the Mail as well, which can only be a good thing. Time will tell.

barry rochford said...

I think Neil's got it in one - appear to be fair when it doesn't matter then return to form when it does matter.
Of course there are decent people there - but decent journalists are under editorial control as we all know.
If Ken runs again, we'll soon see the true colours.
If they have any intention of changing, the first thing they might do is apologise to Lee Jasper who after months of investigation by every oppopnent after every defamation possible suffered at the hands of Witch-hunter General Gilligan and even a group of high paid Tories found not even a nickel missing.
With the damage done, they want to regain some readers, that's all. You can't be the Daily Mail for all of London, remember.