Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Should Boris give up his Daily Telegraph Column?

Dave Hill carries the news that Telegraph readers very nearly didn't get the weekly address from our Dear Leader in City Hall.

But perhaps the more important question is whether Boris Johnson should be writing this stuff at all.

Of course there's nothing wrong with him keeping his skills honed and doing the odd bit of paid writing when he has the time.

But when he's flitting between dealing with the worst economic crisis for seventy years and the worst municipal crisis for twenty, should he really be taking time out for this?

But then I guess if you were being paid £250,000 to work for the Telegraph and a mere £137,579 to work for the rest of us, you too would know who the boss was.


Will said...

I liked the one about making chutney.

AdamB said...

There's no way I'd let Boris loose in the kitchen to make chutney. Imagine the mess.

Phil BC said...

I'd be far happier if Boris was allowed to make a mess in the kitchen if it meant he was through crapping up the capital.

angelneptunestar said...

Boris should keep writing his column because the fact that he is such a brilliant communicator is of huge value to the capital. I liked the one he wrote for the Standard, when he said it was a waste of time just beating up on Gordon Brown all the time, even though GB had fouled up. "That milk has been spilt". I loved the chuney one and also the one about donating old musical instruments so that London kids could enjoy and get into music. WE NEED THOSE COLUMNS.

AdamB said...

You might need those columns. We need a Mayor who's focused on the job.

Anonymous said...

Boris has upset Melanie Phillips.

Uh oh.
First of all Boris fails to display true grit in bringing about what Hitler had failed to achieve by taking all of London’s buses off the road:

London Mayor Boris Johnson insisted that the authorities had coped ‘pretty well’ with the blizzards that brought the capital to a virtual standstill. He defended the decision to shut down London’s buses, saying that while extensive efforts had been made to clear the roads around the depots, they had been overwhelmed by the volume of snow.

And now this:

Boris Johnson has been asked to explain why he retracted evidence he gave to MPs about the Damian Green affair earlier today. Keith Vaz, the chairman of the home affairs select committee, has demanded that Johnson clarify which version of events was correct after the mayor of London admitted an error in his evidence shortly after his grilling session by the committee was concluded.

Asked whether he had discussed the arrest of Green, the shadow immigration minister, with David Cameron on the day of the arrest, Johnson failed to mention a telephone conversation with the Tory party leader conducted at noon that day. Vaz said that changing his evidence in such a way was a ‘serious matter’.

Whoops! As Boris himself put it in his Telegraph column today (on a subject unrelated to mayoral preoccupations such as snow or Green), he is running the risk that

a skid will turn into a prang from which it could take a long time to recover.

OK that 'aint hard to do.

AdamB said...

More on the Green story tomorrow. I need to watch the meeting first and gather me tools. It doesn't look good though.

Tom said...

"when he said it was a waste of time just beating up on Gordon Brown all the time"

Um, a) the empty chair publicity stunt at the Hayes Rally and b) his petulant comments trying to move the Home Affairs Committee story onto Gordon Brown's behaviour at Southwark Cathedral.

Some consistency would be welcome here.

Pete said...

I seem to remember that Boris only writes his columns over the weekend

AdamB said...

That's what he says, but he was in Davos at the Weekend and his latest column refers to the snow on Monday. He spent time writing this during the week.