Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Links

Sundays can be pretty dull so I like to have a laugh where possible. Thanks then should go to Nick Cohen who produced this cornflake-spluttering moment for me in the Observer this morning:

"I have never admired journalists who issue cocksure predictions of who will win which contest or what will happen to the country next; usually, they are smuggling in prejudices under the guise of impartial forecasts and pretending what they would like to happen inevitably must and will happen."

Still, at least Cohen's claims make sense. The same can't be said of Simon Darby who now wants to claim the BNP as a separate race:

"Members of the far-right BNP have complained to police about a joke Jo Brand cracked on Live At The Apollo.

"The comic was questioned by officers after the group’s deputy leader, Simon Darby, claimed that the gag amounted to incitement to cause racial harassment. Bizarrely, he claimed: ‘The BNP is technically an ethnic group.’"

Well it certainly would explain a few things


D-Notice said...


Nick Cohen is an idiot and Nazis are morans" in other words? ;-)

AdamB said...

You heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

More to lighten up your sunday (D Notice - you've seen this).

There's a wikipedia revert war going on re Gilligan and sockpuppets

"Sandler" (who is desperate that there is no reference to sockpuppeting on Gilligan's biog) seems familiar in his arguing style. He created his profile in May 2008, and since then his only activity has been to make Gilligan's biog reflect more positively on him. He accuses me of being Tom Barry/Val Shawcross (which I'm not). Surely it couldn't be one of Gilligan's "partners" at work to remove references to sockpuppets from the biog. The irony.

Helen said...

I went to see Tony Benn at the British Library today, he said that he received a death threat recently and it really cheered him up. I imagine he'd been similarly cheered by threats of postal poo.

AdamB said...

Anonymous- the style of sandler151 is certainly familiar, but I wouldn't make any assumptions. There are others who may well have been making mischief with that page.

As to the dispute, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be on AGs page. The story was also covered by the Independent, Time Out, the Guardian Media page and a magazine called Communicate. How many sources do they need?

eric the fish said...

Yes it was a staggering headline re:Jo Brand. A Kissinger satire moment. I thought maybe I was reading The Quail.
I think Tony's been dining off the death threat anecdote ( I know I've arrived now)for a few years now. Couldn't get tickets for his last Liverpool visit but Ian Paisley ones were going slowly.

AdamB said...

Eric has the Daily Mail's take on the BNP story here. Can you guess what it is?