Friday, 13 March 2009

Boris Johnson in a spin over Muslim Safety Forum

Much excitement around, over Andrew Gilligan's story about Boris's payments to the Muslim Safety Forum. 

According to Gilligan the Mayor was:

'very concerned to discover that taxpayers' money has gone to this organisation' 

"[reassured] to know that this does not appear to be something for which Boris can be held responsible"
Meanwhile Boris told BBC London that:

"we stopped that programme as soon as we got in..."

Before adding that: 

"It's now over for that particular Livingstone bung."

Which is of course all very reassuring. Except what's this from Boris's monthly report last July?

But then maybe Boris had forgotten about that. And besides, a commitment is still a commitment. Perhaps Barnes was only there to say goodbye?

The Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 2nd of July 2008 at the Islamic Cultural Centre. The first session saw keynote speeches by the Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes and the founder of Islamic Relief Dr Hany El-Banna.

Keynote? That doesn't sound quite right. A valedictory speech perhaps?

"The Deputy Mayor mentioned the importance of MSF and expressed his support for the work being performed by the organisation. He highlighted how the diversity, spirit and unity of our city can be captured with the words – “we are one London”."

And so we are. One London. One Mayor. One spin.


Stu said...

So Gilligan just took Boris at his word? He's not Britain's journalist of the year for nothing!

AdamB said...

Your'e right he's not. Not for much longer anyway.

Anonymous said...

Much excitement? I hadn't noticed.

Stu said...

So did Boris know about this or didn't he? and if it's a 'Livingstone bung' how comes Boris's deputy goes there to hand it to him??

Anonymous said...

Interesting, in light of the recent Gilly hissy fit, that Dave Hill is nominated by his peers as a contender for Digital Journalist of the Year!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if AG was there to hand out that one?

AdamB said...

I think it's safe to assume that the hissy fit and the nomination are related events.

sarah hart said...

Why would Gilligan worry about facts when there's an opportunity to stir up islamaphobia? After all, he doesn't have to cosy up to any community group as Boris has learnt to do.