Friday, 20 March 2009

Brian Coleman and the decline in trust at LFEPA

Boris Johnson's new Chair of the Fire Authority Brian Coleman is 'too confrontational' and 'lacks interest' in the views of opposition members of the authority, according to a new report.

According to the latest Ethical Governance Audit, ongoing tensions between Coleman and other members of LFEPA has led to a 'decline in trust in the political establishment.' 

Although Coleman is praised for his 'robust' and 'effective' leadership the report highlights a number of concerns about his behaviour and style of communication indicating that: 

'some reflection on use of language in public may be beneficial.'

The report recommends that Coleman should meet with the Chair of the Standards Committee as a way of 'anchoring behaviour and ethics at a senior political leadership level.' Coleman has yet to agree.
The report also recommends that all gifts and hospitality received by members should be made available online as they are for other parts of the GLA.

On this last recommendation the authority responded that: "consent [will] be sought from members individually." 

The report will be considered in a full meeting of LFEPA to be held next week

-Update- Now nicked reported by the Barnet Times


Anonymous said...

"consent [will] be sought from members individually."

What's the betting that one member in particular won't be giving that consent?

ch paul said...

No great surprise is it really? The man has all the tact of a sledgehammer and the charm of Andrew Gillligan. Why Boris has put him in charge of our safety is anyone's guess. That fire in Holborn went on a bit didn't it? ;D

Jim said...

The career of Brian Coleman is a powerful argument against the virtues of democracy, and for that matter the existence of Brian Coleman is a powerful argument against the existence of a virtuous god.

AdamB said...

Dear God.

Anonymous said...

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!:



Anonymous said...

I can see Mr Coleman getting hosed down very soon.


Anonymous said...

Barnet leads the way!

Or so says little miss pepperpot here


Anonymous said...

...btw, I see freeloader Kenski was caught without a train ticket. I guess paying for trains is a different matter when you're not using someone else's money. ...But how did he get away with it??? Did Keith Vaz wrote a letter to the judge?


AdamB said...

"Barnet leads the way!

Or so says little miss pepperpot here"

This is the woman who believes that bloggers are responsible for people's cynicism with politicians and a Council whose leader uses his blog to call his constituents wankers.

If that's leading the way, I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

Surprised u haven't mentioned this, Boris frit?

Tom said...

"But how did he get away with it?"

Because First Great Western were perfectly happy to sell him an extension ticket from the edge of Freedom Pass validity to his destination.

"Did Keith Vaz wrote a letter to the judge?"

What judge? Are you making things up again, AOE?

Jim said...

Check out yesterday's Politics Show for a fine example of Brian's charm - this time saying that all gypsies and travellers in London should 'go back to Ireland' lest the good people of Barnet should have to put up with accommodating any of them in their sizeable borough.

Jim said...

Never mind, I see now from your Twitter feed you've already seen it ...

AdamB said...

I tried to ignore his latest racist outburst as he seems to love getting attention for that kind of thing. It was a particularly offensive one though.