Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brian Coleman hosts lavish lunches at our expense

Boris Johnson's Fire Authority is spending thousands of pounds of our money on a series of extravagant official lunches, Tory Troll can reveal.

So far this year, the Mayor's chair of LFEPA Brian Coleman has hosted two £88-a-head meals costing us a total of £1,500. 

A further three lunches are planned for the coming months.

Lib Dem AM Caroline Pidgeon, who refused her invitation said:

"I think at a time when you can get a lunch at Gordon Ramsey's for £30, and money is tight across the private and public sector, it beggars belief that the Chair of the Fire Authority thinks it is acceptable to have extravagant lunches at a cost of around £750. Is this the value for money Boris talks about?"

Later in the year the Authority will hold a further three lunches for 'key stakeholders' including new GLA Chief Executive and former Barnet associate Leo Boland.

By comparison, in 2007/08 the Authority held one official dinner costing £500, a third of what has been spent this year.

No Restraint

The news that Coleman and associates are fine dining at our expense comes as Boris Johnson implements dozens of job cuts across the GLA.

It also follows the Mayor's comments that all members of the Authority should show 'restraint' during the recession.

Speaking in January Boris told LFEPA members that:

"I am generally in favour of restraint and insofar as I have a vote in these things, insofar as I am able to direct it I will direct restraint...

"I am in favour of us all trying to set an example"

Once again Brian Coleman has provided us with one.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't he get enough free dinners without asking us to pay for them as well?

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go said...

How much free food can one toady consume for goodness sake?!?

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!:



Don't Call Me Dave said...

Do you really think someone as important as The Great One should be forced to slum it in a £30 a head diner? Chief Executive Leo Boland earns £205,000 a year. Only the best will do for him. We are so lucky to have these two working for us and we shouldn’t begrudge them some top nosh.

Moker said...

WHY do I even get angry anymore? Coleman expoliting his position is an inevitable as the earth going round the sun. What a sh*tbag.

AdamB said...

Feel free to examine the full record

Brian Coleman's conscience said...

Oh do stop whining about a few people losing their jobs.

Let them eat cake!

victor allen said...

'Is this the value for money Boris talks about?'
It would cost more if Boris and his mates from the Bullingdon Club smashed up the restaurant in addition to the meal.
Maybe that was included in the £88?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a health and safety issue if BC eats too many luxury meals at our expense?

Anonymous said...

Tom said...

"Isn't there a health and safety issue if BC eats too many luxury meals at our expense?"

Who's up for a whipround for some wafer-thin mints? That's one thing I wouldn't mind seeing him put on expenses.