Sunday, 15 March 2009

Express fails to apologise for Dunblane shame story

Below is The Scottish Sunday Express's apology for their Dunblane story quoted here in full:


Not quite good enough really is it? Still, they do at least include two letters of complaint about the story. 

I'll leave you to judge on the prominence they're given:

The second letter is from one of the Dunblane pupils:

"I WAS in primary one at Dunblane Primary at the time of the tragedy, and having lost so many friends I feel furious that I should now be made to feel guilty for simply being alive after such an event. Instead of focusing on young people acting in the same way as the vast majority of young people, why not concentrate on how well many of us are doing 13 years on?

Most of us are at university, myself included. One is teaching in China, one in Chile, and the rest are all doing well in the paths we have chosen. This is a hard enough week for both parents and their children, without making young people who are trying to cope with such a huge loss feel guilty for surviving.

Emilie Kelly, via email

I guess that says it all really. It's just a shame Derek Lambie can't bring himself to acknowledge it just yet.

-Update- The Guardian reports on the PCC case


Stu said...

Why am I not surprised?

Ian said...

It turns out Paula Murray has a Facebook page herself, and guess what is on it:

The hypocrisy beggars belief.

Anonymous said...

Another good story, well-covered.

"gettin gassed wi' the lads and enjoying carry oots"

Aye! Appealing of Ealing is quite partial to a wee carry oot himself noo and again.