Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Express Apologises to Dunblane Families

It's been two weeks but the Scottish Sunday Express have finally apologised for their Dunblane story. Here's the full text from page five:

SUBHEAD: After our story about massacre survivors, we offer an apology


THE Scottish Sunday Express has enjoyed a long love affair with the people of our nation.

It is 81 years since the first edition of this great newspaper rolled off the presses in Glasgow.

Over that time, we have established a reputation for crusading journalism built on the twin cornerstones of honesty and integrity.

Scottish Sunday Express readers expect us to shine a light on the wrongs in our society, to expose the crooks, highlight the hypocrites and to give everyone the odd chuckle with the extraordinary stories that ordinary Scots so often have to tell.

We think we are pretty good at all that, and everyone involved in producing this newspaper takes pride in what we publish.

It is also hugely important to us that the Scottish Sunday Express reflects the feelings of the people of Scotland.

On March 8 we got that all wrong.

Our front-page story about the teenage survivors of the Dunblane massacre and their use of social networking websites has caused terrible offence, not only in that town, but across Scotland and around the world.

It is our belief that nobody was misquoted, but the story was undeniably inappropriate. It has upset the young people we named and caused great distress to their parents.

Where possible, we have spoken to the families involved and given them a heartfelt apology. Today we apologise to you, our loyal readers.

The Scottish Sunday Express is a big newspaper, with a long and illustrious history. We are also big enough to say we are truly sorry.

CAPTION: FURORE: We offer our sincere apologies to the people of Dunblane for the front-page story that caused so much offence

The online petition has so far received over 9000 signatures and the PCC investigation is still ongoing. Will this apology be enough?


Anonymous said...

It's a shame they weren't big enough to say it last week and that most of the apology is devoted to how great they are. They got the furore bit right though.

Anonymous said...

Paula Murray should resign in shame.

Mr. Stop Boris said...

I don't disagree that Paula Murray should resign but I do think an unfair *proportion* of the blogosphere blame for this is being laid at her door. She might have written the atrocious piece but the editor didn't have to put it on the front page of the newspaper, so surely the editor should be in line for just as much punishment and criticism as she is? They're as bad as each other.

AdamB said...

I agree. Journalists come up with all kinds of stories but ultimately it is down to the editor to decide which they run and how they run.

Lambie has made a complete hash of this, first blaming bloggers and then issuing vague legal threats before finally giving up and issuing an (anonymous) apology. Murray has ruined her reputation but it's Lambie who should get it in the neck for this.

prj45 said...

Is it sorry for what it wrote, or that its sales have plummeted (which I presume they have)?

asquith said...

The best apology would be not to do it again.

Weren't these the cunts who told Robert Murat how sorry they were? Obviously they were talking toss then &, in a few months, I'm fairly sure it will be obvious that the same os true of this.

Jim said...

That must be the most self-congratulatory 'apology' I've ever seen. "Yes we're wonderful, but once in a while we slip up. Just don't stop loving us!"