Monday, 27 April 2009

Andrew Gilligan comes out scratching... once again

I do love a good Andrew Gilligan smear don't you? Take this one for size:

"On a dozen blogs, Ken and chums blame Boris for every crack in the pavement, accept no failings of their own, and rant endlessly about how the capital is Going To The Dogs. They remind me of a failed, Lefty version of the Daily Mail."

As usual there's a heavy dose of projection going on (who does Andrew blame for every crack in the pavement?) and the usual cowardly generalisation (which blogs is he talking about exactly?)

But most of all there's the repeated Gilligan smear that any and all critics of Boris Johnson (and himself) must be chums, cronies, fans, or acolytes of Ken Livingstone.

So let's settle this one once and for all shall we.

Before Boris Johnson was elected I had never met Ken Livingstone. 

Since then I have spoken to him once when I was invited onto LBC (when he couldn't even pronounce my name) and once when I asked him a question after Mayor's Question Time.

I am not and have never been a member of any political party, campaign or organisation and I have voted for Lib Dem, Labour, Green Party and independent candidates in the past. 

On the other hand, Andrew Gilligan is notoriously a 'chum' and acolyte of Boris Johnson.

He has been employed by him, defended by him and has spent the past year and a half attacking anybody who dares to criticise him.

He is, in short, as close to being in Boris Johnson's pocket as it is decent for a supposedly independent journalist to be.

And while in the past year he has dedicated acres of comment to how bad the previous mayor of London was, pretty much his only criticisms of the present Mayor have been that:
  1. He has not sacked enough people associated with Ken Livingstone 
  2. He is 'not Tory enough'.
He is, in short, a bit of a joke. And a joke that's wearing increasingly thin.

-Update- Andrew Gilligan stars in Octopuppet


Helen said...

HAHAHAHAHA! "TfL vanity projects have been canned" - you mean we *won't* get the Boris Routemaster, Andrew?!

I once met Ken Livingstone when he was visiting a car boot sale in Brent in the late '80s - I'm obviously a stalker.

BenSix said...

Don't feed the trolls...


Tom said...

A dozen blogs? Is that just the ones Gilligan has commented on under pseudonyms?

Anyway, as far as AG is concerned Boris is *too* conservative, in not using his power enough. AG is a Year Zero radical, remember, hence his associations with radical groups like Policy Exchange, and for radicals the important thing is change now and forever. Hence all the ex-Trots around - they still have the same needs, but in new clothes.

In his case he's a radical for turning the clock back rather than anything progressive, but that's still a radical position, since it demands a strong central ideology that can be cheered on against the other guy's strong central ideology. Boris has no strong central ideology, merely a competing set of power bases to keep happy and an image to maintain. Therefore he is always going to disappoint AG except in his continuing ability not to be called 'Ken Livingstone'.

Hence Gilligan looking around for a new strongman champion.

AdamB said...

In case you missed it, here's Andrew in February blaming Ken Livingstone for one rather large 'crack in the pavement' He'd make a great case study.

James said...

I met Ken Livingstone once.

Me & some mates for mine had got ourselves into a bit of a sticky situation. Well, I say sticky but what I actually mean is dry. We were out in the open air & were all going to de-moisturise and blister to death; a situation exacerbated by the fact that, since any potential rescuer would need a permit, by the time they'd fed the appropriate length of red tape to a rapacious bureaucrat it would surely be too late.

Then this Livingstone chap, who I hadn't met before but had seen hugging The Jam & that, came along and plopped us in a pond, without even filling out a single form! He took a real risk & it was appreciated immensely by me and all my equally lucky friends.

We owe you one, Ken.

harold said...

Some of you are lucky. I once laid out £30 for Ken - and he still owes me! (At least I know he didn't claim it on Parliamentary expenses)
That said, I wouldn't trust Gilligan with his own grandmother

Tom said...

"Gilligan with his own grandmother"

A mental image I didn't want. Thanks for that.

Rog T said...

The Andrew Gilligan Song