Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Half price fares for London jobseekers from today

Today would ordinarily be a good day to bury bad news, but there is one story that should not go unnoticed.

From today, all Londoners who have been on Jobseeker's Allowance for thirteen weeks or longer will be able to travel on buses and trams for half-price.

The concession, along with the now revived half-price fares for people on income support, should go a long way to helping those most affected by the recession.

Liberal Democrat AM Mike Tuffrey, who campaigned for the change, said today:

“Half price bus and tram travel will make a real difference for over 150,000 unemployed Londoners on JSA who very much need to be able to access libraries and job centres as well as attend interviews. "

“Being active and mobile is key to getting back to work, yet at present even the shortest bus ride costs £1 with an Oyster card and £2 for a cash fare. Half price travel will make a real difference to JSA claimants, who in some cases only receive an income of £47.95 a week.”

Full details of how to apply for either concession can now be found on the TfL website


infinitylies said...

This would be really helpful if those within traveling distance from London where eligible too, then they could get into London and actively seek employment. I don't really see how it helps those already living in London. To be honest.

AdamB said...

Well there's nothing stopping councils outside of Greater London asking to opt into the deal. The same applies to the Freedom pass and other London-only concessions. As long as you can persuade them to pay for it that is.

Anonymous said...

See the ES is on to taxigate

AdamB said...

I wonder where they got that from?

Rog T said...

The Andrew Gilligan Song