Friday, 29 May 2009

Boris Johnson spins Rape Crisis cut as an increase

It takes a special skill to make a broken promise sound like a victory, but Boris has got it totally nailed down:

That's £466,000 a year as opposed to his election manifesto promise of £744,000 a year. 

So he's still breaking his promise, but just not as much as before.

Boris had promised to fund three new Rape Crisis centres in the capital explaining that: 

"Quite simply, we believe that it is more important to fund Rape Crisis Centres than press officers?"

But with rapes up 14.5 per cent from last year, shouldn't Boris cut the expensive spin, and start paying for those things that he promised London he would?


Jenny Jones AM (Green Press release) said...

“I welcome the extra funding, but Boris is four months behind in taking action and still a year short of the required cash. Many women have welcomed his strong words on violence against women, but he is still dragging his feet on the one solid proposal he has committed to.

"If you promise something you must jolly well get on and deliver it. A lot of women need these centres and need them immediately. Women in London have been let down by the police over the Worboys case and other investigations into rape. In my view the Mayor is still only giving them two thirds of his promise of more support.”

Anonymous said...

Be fair on him, he's got more imprtant things to spend the money on like 'living bridges' and the 'Boris Bus'.

AdamB said...

The living bridge hasn't cost anything beyond a bit of PR for the simple reason that it's never going to happen:

"Valerie Shawcross: What is the exact location you are considering for your proposed “living bridge”? What is the view of the boroughs on either side of the river where the bridge is to be located?

Answer from the Mayor: The suggestion is a very preliminary one and therefore exact locations have not been proposed or assessed yet. For that reason, no discussions with boroughs have yet taken place."

Nor will they.

Appealing of Ealing said...

AdamB said...

"The living bridge hasn't cost anything beyond a bit of PR for the simple reason that it's never going to happen"

Yes, Boris needs to build a (very preliminary) living bridge between his ears if we're to be spared more of this sort of nonsense.

Helen said...

Hmm. Shades of slashing funding for tourism then announcing the reinstatement of part-funding as an increase. Spinmeister Boris strikes again.

Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the amazing spin and lies Johnsons' team sends out to people who write to his office asking him to explain himself on this point.

(You don't seem to be able to post links into your comments, but stick "borris johnson barefaced misrepresentation non-shocker" [including typo] into google and you'll get a link to my blog, which you'll be interested in)

AdamB said...

Hello BC. You can post links using html like this but it's a bit fiddly.

I'm pretty used to dealing with Boris' spin here so let me know if you come across any in the future.

The amount of spin used seems to be in inverse proportion to the amount of action taken which so far has been very little.

I guess that's what happens when you elect journalists as politicians.

Anonymous said...

I guess so.

Especially when the journalist in question was sacked from his first job for making up quotes.

Tom said...

The making stuff up when it sounds like it should be the way the world is is an old Boris trait. The spinning of the reinstatement of funding as new initiatives is not, though, and smacks of an administration in thrall to its spin doctors.

Wireman said...

..."smacks of an administration in thrall to its spin doctors."

Ah. The bland leading the blond.

AdamB said...

"The bland leading the blond."

That would make a good book title. Subtitled: City Hall - The Boris years.

Tom said...

I always quite fancied 'Blair of London', particularly given the spin doctoring.

AdamB said...

Yes there's definitely something of the Blair about him. No illegal wars just yet though.