Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Have Newsquest pulled their BNP adverts for good?

There's still been no official word yet but it looks like Newsquest may have decided to pull all BNP ads from their newspaper websites.

The banners which were prominently placed just yesterday have disappeared from all Newsquest sites reported to be carrying them.

Just take a look for yourself:

When complaints about the adverts were first made, individual editors defended their decision to carry them. 

However, a build up of coverage in the last 24 hours could have led to a change of heart at the top.

Indeed my own webstats have shown growing interest in this story from other media outlets, readers of the blog, and the company itself.

The National Union of Journalists have also condemned the decision, saying that Newsquest have "seriously [damaged] the reputation of the company's titles and its journalists."

Whatever the reason for the ads disappearing, Newsquest seem to have made the right decision. I just hope that they stick to it.

-Afternoon Update- 

A source at Newsquest has told me that "no contracts have been broken" with the BNP. 

Staff were sent a memo last week stating that 'any political party' could advertise with them. This has not officially changed 

Crucially I was also told that the BNP adverts "may come back"

Keep those complaints coming people.


Anton Vowl said...

Presumably the BNP paid them for a certain number of page impressions. Have Newsquest given the money back if they've pulled the ads? Or had that number already run out?

AdamB said...

There's still no response from Newsquest towers on this. Will update as and when.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Further proof of the power of blogs!

AdamB said...

Have updated the post with the latest. Still no official statement yet.

Tim said...

It's possible that the banners were removed due to improper use of certain images.

AdamB said...

It is a possibility yes given what we know. I will update as an when Newsquest decide what their policy is.

AdamB said...

It looks like the Guardian have had the same response from Newsquest as me:


Helen said...

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prj45 said...

"Cucumber sandwiches on the lawn for the Nazis: "

I do wonder what Mr Griffin will say to the Greek guy shacked up with his Queen.

And vice versa actually.

harold said...

I'm sure Phillip will say something like 'Oh, you're that Nazi fellow my grandson was raving about' or words to that effect.