Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Stepford Boris

Is anyone else out there slightly terrified by these?

Twitpic one
Twitpic two


Sally said...

Urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh!! And just before I eat my lunch as well!

Anonymous said...

"London Mayor meets his idol"

Anonymous said...

OK it may be me eyes, but, which one is which please?????


Anonymous said...

Tories to cancel crossrail.


hmmm Dave-n-Boris could fall out.

AdamB said...

tulip - He's the dummy on the far right, (or is it the far left?) You just can't tell these days.

CH Paul said...


Tom said...

"Boris suggests cloning as a solution to the problem of hiring enough conductors"

Anonymous said...

this is depressing. if there's nothing to attack Boris on properly, this blog will quickly lose its audience. I was using it as an occasional antidote to the awful Eve Standard, but if it's just to 'hate him for hating him's sake' then it's no worse than millions of other nasty blogs out there. Come on Adam, this is all starting to feel disturbingly Gilligan-esque...

AdamB said...

Hmm. I seem to remember you coming on here a few months back and (anonymously) leaving almost exactly the same comment as you have now.

For some reason you've kept on coming back and for some reason, so has everybody else.

For the record I don't hate Boris or any other politician. Just having a little fun with a funny picture. How 'Gilligan-esque'!

jared said...

well as i said, one lives in hope- there is plenty of stuff on here that IS worth reading, so I have come back- not as often as I'd like though. I just cringe when i see these things -Im sure plenty of frustrated anti-Boris types would agree?

And yes- I have posted previously with a similar point to make-and yet clearly it had no effect- in that instance it was because you were nitpicking about the fact Boris 'twittered' about launching the recycle for london campaign, which was actually launched under Ken- but at the same time the GLA / Mayor's office had the entirely accurate story and press release clearly showing Boris wasnt trying to steal something that wasnt his idea (unlike St George's Day funding, etc that you also recently covered well)- so at the time, my point was the same you're right- that it could appear petty to any outsider coming in here to get the opposite view and all they saw was this sort of petty silliness.

It's like the recent Channel 4 doco trying weakly to expose things on him by cobbling stuff from decades ago that were already public knowledge- the public dont respond to that- and yet there were also numerous other things happening NOW that are outrageous but that it missed or at best, covered only very briefly. I can say the doco probably therefore ended up with nil effect and pretty poor credibility.

So I just think this sort of thing looks petty and looks like Labour supporters still licking their wounds... so why do it is what i ask?

Perhaps this is not your aim or the aim of this blog?... but I thought people may read this who dont know about what Boris is up to and want to know- but perhaps it is just for a clique of anti Boris types to have a joint whinge?- there's no harm in that either- But I think it has so much more potential than that.

finally, FYI I have posted on here a few times, usually with my name- every time i tried to do it this morning-it wouldnt load- so i chose anonymous and it did. go figure? Anyway, my comments in your article on the assembly have my name (Jared), as do other times i've posted previously, from memory.

But i stand by my point, which is that if this is to be a good tory expose site- then it might be a bit more strategic to avoid 'having fun with a funny picture' as you say- but it's a personal choice, and perhaps it's not your goal. But as you are someone getting pieces into the likes of the Guardian, I would have thought there was so much more to write about. But i suspect you will take this even more personally and come back with a witty but defensive response. I am on your side and really appreciate these blogs- my points are constructive criticism which I hope you can take.

sarah hart said...

Which is the one that is more useful, I ask?