Thursday, 18 June 2009

Andrew Gilligan on those nasty London bloggers

After a few weeks hiding from helicopters (or whatever else it is that he does with his time) Andrew Gilligan has come back whining:

In a long and rambling article (supposedly about Iran) he manages to squeeze in yet another swipe at those nasty London bloggers who said those nasty nasty things about him:

"In London, various blogs obsessively attack the Mayor.

After a year of their work, according to the polls, he was 10 points more popular than before they started"

Well I'm not sure that recent polling evidence entirely stands up to that, but never mind. What else?

Below the radar, powerful commercial interests and PR companies are creating fake “online communities”, tweets, blogs and commenters on blogs, to covertly push the corporate line.

Excuse me?

Wal-Mart was caught at it in America recently, and several bloggers here also have undeclared links to interest groups or individuals that they plug.

What, like your links to your former employer and good friend "Bozza" Johnson?

I mean seriously Andrew. Reading you complaining about unreliable sources is like reading Alastair Campbell complaining about unreliable journalists.

And just because Boris is still popular a year on, doesn't mean that his old friend is.

I mean what does it say about the one-time 'journalist of the year' that (until just now) his employers no longer even recognised him as one of their columnists

-Friday Update- Apparently Gilligan is now leaving the Evening Standard. The Guardian are reporting that he will become the Telegraph's London Editor. But they like bloggers there Andrew!


Dominic Self said...

Sadly, he finally seems to have made the list.

AdamB said...

Ha ha. They must have put him on within the last five minutes. Who's paying close attention then?

Tom said...

I wonder what Tony Blair's rating was after a year of uncritical media adoration? We know how that turned out.

Now, which journalists and media outlet have spent the year avoiding looking at the Mayor's increasingly bizarre administration?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this latest attack on you lot has nothing to do with the fact that the new administration has been shown to be as just as sleazy and wasteful as the last one was.

AdamB said...

I think it's got more to do with the fact that like Nick Cohen, Andrew Gilligan no longer has anything of interest to write about.

I mean: why I don't like Twitter? The world was just crying out for another one of those articles.

Anton Vowl said...

Hang on a minute. Andrew Gilligan... talking about 'fake' commenters on blogs?

You have to admire the brass neck of the man, if nothing else.

AdamB said...

More like his total lack of self-awareness

Appealing of Ealing said...

AdamB said...

"I mean: why I don't like Twitter? The world was just crying out for another one of those articles."

Though his main point seems to be about how the Iranian authorities are trying to control the media, and the internet, and to censor their political opponents. As a journalist, you would agree that such a thuggish and repressive environment is not one in which any truth, or indeed anything of value is likely to emerge?

Mr. Stop Boris said...

Don't forget about Boris's own campaign team astroturfing all the blogs during the election campaign. I'm sure that's the sort of behaviour Gilligan has in mind.

Tom said...

Gilligan - London's worst journalist - takes this approach over on when someone disagrees with his tired, ideology-fuelled, fact-free rants.

He "exposed" Brockley Central's Nick - who runs a really good community blog - in a disgraceful way when Nick dared disagree slightly with a point he made.

The man disgusts me, and his lies and self pity cast a shadow over London's journalists (of which I am one).

stuart graham said...

It's not personal, Andrew. It's not that we disagree with you. It's just that most people who have half an idea of the dirty tricks you get up to simply detest you because it's one thing to disagree with someone, it's another to have someone as unsavoury as yourself given a hatchet job.
On Teheran - there are very brave joiurnalists who do report on scenes there and everywhere else in a dangerous world, not from the comfort of a London office.

tomf said...

Oh sorry I forgot this site automatically lists me as Tom. I'm tomf to avoid confusion.

tomf said...

just a thought: maybe Gilligan justifies his sock-puppeting and ignoring facts because of these paranoid delusions about "powerful commercial interests" controlling the internet.

it seems not to have occurred to him that others might have genuine reason to think he's wrong.

Tom said...

"maybe Gilligan justifies his sock-puppeting and ignoring facts because of these paranoid delusions about "powerful commercial interests" controlling the internet."

Actually, it's because he sees himself as a higher being, put on Earth to spread truth and justice to us ignorant trogs, and as such we have no business putting ourselves above our station and saying 'wait a minute'.

One wonder why he ever left New Labour, really. Fit right in, I'd have thought.

prj45 said...

Is he criticising people for attacking the mayor? I mean he still attacks the last one!?

bluepillnation said...

"One wonder why he ever left New Labour, really."

Because being a stooge for the Tories is more lucrative in the long-term.

Steph said...

Today's G:

"Andrew Gilligan to join the TelegraphInvestigative reporter Andrew Gilligan leaving London Evening Standard to be London editor of Telegraph Media Group"