Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bexley Cllrs did not declare meals with Ian Clement

Only one of Ian Clement's Bexley Council colleagues declared their meals with the former Deputy Mayor and only then after the revelations of this past week.

Speaking on the BBC on Sunday, Bexley Cllr and London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said that his meal with Clement was "within the boundaries of what is permissible" under GLA rules.

He also said that the meal was part of Clement's work as Deputy Mayor.

However, my search of Bexley Council's records this morning showed that Bacon did not declare his meal with Clement until yesterday, just one day after his grilling by Tim Donovan.

And none of the other four Bexley Councillors named in Clements GLA expenses registered their meals with Clement at all.

Neither Melvin Seymour, Joe Pollard, James Spencer, or Katie Perrior declared any hospitality from the former Deputy Mayor.

This throws serious doubts on Clement's claims that these meals were part of his work at City Hall.

It was also revealed today that at least three of the people Clement claimed to have met for 'business' meals were not even present at the restaurants concerned.

The Evening Standard claimed that on two of these occasions he was actually dining with his 23-year old lover Claire Dowson instead.

Dave Hill is also reporting on claims that Clement used his other corporate credit card at Bexley for party politcal purposes.

Any of these claims, if proven could lead to the former deputy Mayor being charged with fraud.

At least one formal complaint against Ian Clement has already been made to Scotland Yard.


Anonymous said...

No such thing as a Freer lunch

AdamB said...

That's not what I've heard.

CHPaul said...

Did you see Boris making a joke about all this on BBC London last night? He said something like: "being the deputy mayor is as dangerous as being a deep sea diver. Ho ho"

Helen said...

Katie Perrior's company ran Boris's election campaign PR, of course, and she was one of his transition team, employed by City Hall: http://www.fmwf.com/newsarticle.php?id=1513&cat=6

AdamB said...

Indeed. Claire Dowson was also involved with the election campaign. See her snaps over here:


Helen said...

Incidentally, remember how much that transition team cost: http://torytroll.blogspot.com/2008/06/secret-cost-of-boris-johnsons-team.html

What was that about "conductors, not consultants," Boris?: http://davehill.typepad.com/london3ms/2008/03/boris-johnson-t.html

AdamB said...

I've just received this response from Councillor Katie Perrior

"I did not declare this entry as it is below the threshold - to declare an entry it has to be over twenty five pounds EACH. The total of the lunch was twenty eight pounds.

I would like to add that I was horrified to learn that the lunch was put on a corporate credit card and think his behaviour has been disgraceful."

AdamB said...

Councillor James Spencer has also been in contact to say that the meal he had with Clement and fellow Bexley Councillor Joe Pollard was below the threshold for declarations.

He also says that they had no idea the meal was paid for with Clement's corporate credit card.