Monday, 1 June 2009

BNP candidate warns of 'punishments' to the media

The BNP's main London candidate in the Euro elections has warned that the press will face 'the severest of punishments' if they 'fail to exercise impartiality.'

Councillor Robert Bailey made the comments in a series of long and rambling emails to party members.

In one email sent from 'Bob' at he writes:

"It is my hope that British nationalists will keep a record of [the media's] war crimes and that the BNP will reign-in the media's power and make it clear to all news corporations that if they fail to exercise impartiality and especially if they advance the cause of Islamic jihad by distorting events and committing war crimes, then they will face the severest of punishments not solely confined to emptying their over-flowing coffers.

The media are usurping the democratic process; they are destroying nations; they are maintaining the conflict in the Middle East and they are collaborating with jihadists, shilling for Islamic jihad in Great Britain and the west, an act of treason which simply must not go unpunished."

Bailey was forced to apologise last year after his own attempt to 'tame' and 'punish' his local newspaper went wrong.

After failing to get any sympathetic coverage in the Barking and Dagenham Recorder he phoned up it's News Editor to let off steam.

After a lengthy and sweary tirade got him nowhere, he turned up at their offices with a gang of BNP members and shouted abuse through a megaphone instead.

According to the Recorder's editor:

"Councillor Robert Bailey rang our news desk and spoke to our news editor Sally Lowe and issued a tirade of abuse at her with regards to our coverage of the London Assembly elections.

He called her a Nazi and peppered it with four letter words, was completely abusive. It was a remarkable phone call as far as I'm concerned.

Not content with harassing Sally on the telephone he then turned up at the office with some party members and he than also took it upon himself to harass some more of my staff.

I'm shocked to be honest with you that somebody who has been elected to represent the people of Barking and Dagenham and who purports to be a serious politician could behave in thius way.

In the twelve years I've been editor I've never been confronted with such disgraceful behaviour from an elected politician."

Luckily Bailey, who is several points short of a Swastika has little chance of gaining enough votes to get into the European Parliament.

But with turnout expected by some to be low on Thursday, we can't allow any risk of this particular thug being elected to represent our city.


Within the past hour it has been revealed that Bob Bailey has been charged with "failing to provide a specimen and using a vehicle with no insurance or MoT test certificate."

According to the Press Association:

"Robert Bailey, 43, of Romford, east London, has been bailed to appear before Havering magistrates on Friday after being charged with failing to provide a specimen and using a vehicle with no insurance and no test certificate, Scotland Yard said.

A spokeswoman said Bailey, who is leader of the BNP group on Barking and Dagenham Council and is top of the BNP list for London in the Euro elections, was stopped by police at 11.20pm last Thursday in London Road, Romford.

A spokesman for the BNP indicated that Bailey would plead not guilty to both charges.

He said: "Bob vehemently denies any wrong doing."

Well, well, well...


Tony said...

Press Association better get ready for some 'punishment' then. How sad for them that the truth doesn't fit in with their warped view of the world.

AdamB said...


Still I wonder why he refused to give a sample to the police. Are they part of his grand islamist conspiracy as well?

Anonymous said...

Is there an offense for being delusional and driving?

Green Gordon said...

Tony, who is 'them'?

Anonymous said...

What an idiot - and he doesn't even know the difference between "rein in" with "reign in" .

Tony said...

Them is BNP.

sarah hart said...

Remember, please. These are the people who deny that Hitler and the SS committed any war crimes. Remember that their denial is all part of conning people into thinking that fascism isn't that bad after all.
Their ignorance is complete - Jesus was Jewish, so may have had little incentive to vote BNP.

prj45 said...

Did you forget to credit Beau d'or for that mockup?

Seriously, is that picture for real?! I've shown it to a few people and they don't believe me.

Green Gordon said...

The picture is a real mock-up made by the BNP. The Jesus billboard is shopped in.

Sorry for the misunderstanding Tony, just read too many BNP nutjob web comments this week.

AdamB said...

Well it's real in the sense that the BNP themselves are pushing it. Whether or not it's a real picture of a real billboard I can't say. It does look a little bit like it's been photoshopped on now you come to mention it.

Oh wait, Gordon just confirmed this while I was writing. It's shopped.

Green Gordon said...

The original pic had them in front of a different BNP billboard. Not sure whether this design was supposed to be public. The background is somewhere on Lancaster Unity's site.

prj45 said...

Ugh. I've just had to browse a couple of BNP sites.

It is indeeed offical BNP literature for the euro elections.

Now to clean out my web cache and scrub my hard disk.

Can I ask them for my hits back?

AdamB said...

Don't forget the cookies. Your computer will be full of the little Nazi bastards.

prj45 said...

I'll leave the cookies there and wipe everything else out.

In 50 years time the cookies will deny anything was ever deleted.

Billy said...

The Church of England BANNED.

Hmm... I must have missed that one.

AdamB said...

It's been banned. THEY just won't tell you about it.

Helen said...

Jesus: the brown, Jewish refugee - bound to vote BNP.