Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Boris Johnson goes Pyongyang style in City Hall

Boris Johnson's team encouraged a GLA investigation into the Labour group at City Hall after they dared to publish a critical report on his first year in power.

The report set out where Boris has failed to meet manifesto promises and where they believe his agenda for London is wrong.

The Mayor's office have also published their own report on why Boris has succeeded in his first year and why they believe his agenda for London is right.

Yet for some reason, the Mayor's office accuse the Labour group of "mis-using resources" for daring to publish their own version of events.

They complain that this political group should not have produced this political account and that their press officers should not have distributed this press briefing to the press!

Others have had their email accounts trawled through and been warned not to pass unflattering photographs to the press.

Pyongyang Style

The City Hall monitoring officer has since decided in favour of the Mayor's office, although no official sanctions have yet been taken.

For this reason I am unable to show you this highly seditious and traitorous document.

However, if you dare to consider whether our Dear Leader has done anything wrong in the past year, then feel free to have a look through the archives on this blog.

I will not censor your comments, nor will I launch the might of London's legal profession against you.

However if you question my supreme jurisdiction in any way then I may have to take further undisclosed action against you. Be warned mine subjects.


Tom said...

"The City Hall monitoring officer"

Who voted them in, by the way?

AdamB said...

Indeed. I seem to remember Boris railing against the "quasi legalistic" nature of the investigation into his conduct recently and how it was a huge waste of public time and resources.

For some reason his own complaints are not such a waste of public time.

Mark Lee said...

Erm, isn't one of the roles of AMs to hold the Mayor to account? Exactly how does a document outlining where the Mayor has failed to meet his manifesto commitments not fit into the above category?

Appealing of Ealing said...

"Boris Johnson's team encouraged a GLA investigation into the Labour group..."

When you say "encouraged", presumably someone made an official complaint, do you know who?

"For this reason I am unable to show you this highly seditious and traitorous document."

Where can I see the Labour report? I'd like to caompare the two accounts.

Is the monitoring officer's report online?

AdamB said...

Not online just yet.

AdamB said...

The complaint is that GLA staff shouldn't be involved in producing political documents. It's a bit hard if you're a press officer and that's your job.

Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

Screw you and the horse you came on.

AdamB said...

There's a surplus o in your name.

Appealing of Ealing said...

Maybe he's Irish

N said...

Sadly Boris won't be required today to explain himself. It’s a plenary meeting of the London Assembly without the Mayor in attendence

However the debate about Boris' first year is bound to spill over into next Wednesdays (June 17th) Mayor's Question Time meeting, if only because the Mayor's office seem intent on censoring anyone who criticises the Mayor. See http://torytroll.blogspot.com/ for further detail.

Good job the Mayor's office seems to have missed Mike Tuffrey's critique of the first Mayoral year! See http://tr.im/nZRF

N said...

Sorry. The comment above was meant for another bog!

What I meant to say was so why haven't the Mayor's Office gone after the Lib Dems then? They produced a similar type of report to coincide with the one-year anniversary. I suspect the Mayor’s Office don’t dare criticise the Lib Dem report because, although it highlights a lot of the Mayor’s failings that Labour did, Mike Tuffrey the Lib Dem group Leader put his name to the report.

See http://tr.im/nZRF

AdamB said...

It might also have something to do with the fact that he hasn't got an on-going complaint war going on with them (See Duvall vs Johnson & Johnson vs Biggs)

It's incredibly petty to try and stop an opposition group from doing their job though, whoever put their name at the bottom.

Boris has developed an image of being honest and open, but the reality is that he has shown himself to be very resistant to any and all scrutiny.

I'd like to ask him about all this but unfortunately he hasn't held an open press conference at City Hall since November.

Rayyan said...

You couldn't make this stuff up! Boris Johnson, hater of all that's not from the glorious British Empire, takes a leaf out of the evil Stalinist eastern men's book of How To Supress Your Political Enemies.

Tom said...

Boris good at spin, awful at running anything shock.