Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Boris Johnson "worse for wear" at Pride Reception

Like it's patron, joint founder and long-time champion Peter Tatchell, I didn't receive an invite to the Pride London reception at City Hall last night.

However, through the magic of the internets I did receive the following updates on the night:

One commenter at Pink News concurred:

I understand he was drunk at the reception and could hardly put two words together during his speech!

Why did you not put London mayor drunk a gay pride reception or was the supposed to be swept under the carpet! He was hardly being respectful to us as a community by doing that was he?

Although another thought they should all lighten up:

"I think its a bit rich to describe Boris getting a tad tiddley at last year's Pride as 'disrespectful to the gay community' when literally 1000s of our community can be seen swaying round the streets of Vauxhall and Soho drunk as skunks or high on whatever narcotic is falvour of the week. There is no room for pious monkish twaddle, the Mayor entered into the spirit of the ocassion and had a darn good time. Good On Him."

Commenter Mike thought it was all a bit academic:

How can you tell if Boris is sober or drunk?????

Meanwhile, the content of the speech was less than impressive for some:

@Zefrog agreed:
Ah yes the old stump speech. The ever reliable, ever-repeated stump speech.

So let's all have a watch and see for ourselves shall we? It can't have been that bad could it?

Oh well, at least his heart was in the right place I guess.


Chris said...

God that's awful I couldn't understand what he was saying for half of it and what was all that about Lesbos?

Tom said...

"OK, speech time...Greece, Greece, poofs, Greece - better stay away from the rampant pederasty, I suppose, too much like the prep school days - ah, I know, Sappho of Lesbos! That'll slay 'em - knock 'em out with a bit of ancient civilisation chat and throw in a poetic bean-flicker....now to remember some of the dyke's damn poetry, er, um...."

That was brought to you by the Boris Johnson Mind Transcription Service.

AdamB said...

I think the Mayor could have done with that service last night by the looks of things.

Anyone for a Random Boris Speech Generator?

DJ said...


AdamB said...

Ah yes the quote generator. I forgot about that. Could do with updating a bit.

Also see here

tomf said...

yep. he's p*ssed. talks about drinking lots of wine. and talking really fast. and wittering about ancient greeks.

Appealing of Ealing said...

Seemed to go down well enough with the audience. Maybe some of them thought it was a burlesque drag act, and were wondering when the mayor was going to show up.

Of course, we all know different -- when you're a class act like Boris...who needs a warm up?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Under Livingstone City Hall used to give up its space to Stonewall to do a few events and workshops that I was involved in, not sure if this is still carrying on under Boris?

AdamB said...

Not sure about that one, although I know other groups have been booted out.

There were some questions asked earlier this year about City Hall not bothering to enter for the Stonewall index for the first time last year.

tomf said...

"Of course, we all know different -- when you're a class act like Boris...who needs a warm up?"

Well indeed. This is Boris in full clown mode. Only a puritan would want someone sober and competent in control of such a large budget.

Tom said...

Hmm, let's get educational here:

'act' - one of successive parts or performances (as in a variety show or circus) b: the performer or performers in such an act c: a performance or presentation identified with a particular individual or group d: the sum of a person's actions or effects that serve to create an impression or set an example

'class' - the best of its kind

Yes, I can see why Boris could be defined as a 'class act' on that basis.

AdamB said...

Love this:

"An apparently tipsy Boris Johnson has been accused of rambling on about Greek poetry at an event to mark London's gay and lesbian community.

Guests at the Pride celebrations claimed the mayor appeared to slur his words during his speech.

In footage posted online on Homo-vision, Mr Johnson told guests: 'A few hours ago, I was actually at a Greek wedding, in Greece, and I was swimming in the wine-dark sea, having drunk a considerable quantity of wine-dark wine.'

"His spokeswoman denied he was tipsy.

'He never normally is when he does official events,' she said."


angelneptunestar said...

I'm sure Boris was not drunk.

On the other hand, who cares if he was a bit merry? All men have a bit too much occasionally, it's part of being butch.

I'm sure all the lefties don't sit there pinched lipped, sober as judges and faces sour as lemons, looking disapprovingly at everyone else enjoying themselves. Do they?

Boris has a lively character though and his joviality was probably misinterpreted.

AdamB said...

He was pissed, it's as clear as day. He pretty much admitted as much in the speech.

Anonymous said...

Tatchell is a bit of a prat, it must be said. Even Boris has achieved more than the Tatch. Boris is still a wanker tho x

saifu03 said...

What is wrong with being drunk when you are making a speech?

I cannot see how making a speech in an official capacity whilst drunk could be considered dereliction of duty.

Oh no, wait, I can.

Helen said...

Our London administration is a laughing stock around the world. I was just remembering the then-incumbent's campaign poster in the Mayoral elections last year: "Don't vote for a joke"

Anonymous said...

In his list of the economies he has made he did mention that he has reduced the number of advisers. It was meant to be humorous of course and at least a new item in his litany.