Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Brian Coleman to chair LFEPA for another year

Boris Johnson is to re-appoint his disgraced fire chief Brian Coleman for another year, it was revealed today.

Coleman, whose expense claims long pre-date the current Westminster scandal, will be re-appointed without any further Assembly hearings. 

In a letter to its chairman the Mayor wrote that he is:

"confident in Brian's ability and commitment in delivering strategic priorities for LFEPA over the coming year."

Assembly Chairman Darren Johnson replied that:

"Following discussion with Assembly party Groups, I have agreed that there is no need, on this occasion, to hold a further hearing with Brian Coleman regarding his reappointment as there are no new issues which Assembly Members wish to explore."

Brian Coleman's leadership style was described as "too confrontational" by a recent audit report and  is currently the subject of a Standards investigation into his conduct. 

He was recently caught lying to the press about this investigation, and has threatened legal action to anyone daring to report it.

And whilst his party leader preaches 'austerity' he has hosted a series of lavish lunches for his colleagues and associates at our expense.

And despite taking over £100k in allowances last year, he has pushed ahead with plans to allow even greater allowances for AMs.

At the very least the Assembly should have insisted on questioning him before he was given another year as chairman of the fire authority.

But for Boris to place his full confidence in him, shows just what little interest he continues to show in the London Assembly and the work of the GLA.


Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go! said...

'No need'?!?!

That's rather at odds with your very recent comments on expenses is it not Mr Johnson:

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!:



Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go said...

I note that Mr Toad has called for the removal of Tamil protesters:

He's concerned about cost to the London taxpayer.


AdamB said...

I agree with him on that one to be honest. The protest has been going on for too long.

It's a shame he's not as concerned about his own cost to the London taxpayer though.

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go said...

Yes - I think that your latter point is the one I was trying to make Adam.

Though his opinion on the Tamil's protest would appear (to me at least) to be one aspect of his general opposition to protest and dissent as seen is his monitoring of your correspondence, his anti-blog ranting of late, and at:

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Coleman is Mayor of Barnet this year. How is he going to find the time to perform his duties as Chairman of LFEPA given the number of hours he must now devote to eating canap├ęs in the line of duty?

Boris had a great opportunity to use Coleman’s mayoralty as an excuse to get rid of this embarrassment to the Conservative Party, but perhaps he was too busy checking that he hadn’t submitted any more expense claims for wreaths?

Do you know if Coleman is getting a rise in his allowance and, if so, how does this compare to the rise being offered to firemen?

With all the talk of the reform of Parliament, we must bring about an end to this system where political appointments carrying huge allowances can be made without any democratic mandate.

AdamB said...

Good point about the allowances. Haven't hear anything yet. Will look into it.

harold said...

Theoretically, we should expect Brian Coleman's taxi bill to increase. If he has to shunt between Barnet and City Hall regularly given his new role in Barnet, then he will need fast cars.
Or will he be using his travel pass, already paid for by taxpayers and its use would not cost a penny more?

AdamB said...

Well he's got a chauffeur driven jag now he's Mayor of Barnet, so you would expect his bills to go down. I'm sure he'll try his best though.