Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Strike Day: Boris Johnson's cycle revolution begins

For all the masterful spin that comes out of City Hall, the Mayor's communication operation during these strike days has been surprisingly hit and miss.

There's been some welcome moves (extra river services and no suspension of the congestion charge) but others have been pointless or self-defeating.

Boris's shared taxi scheme sounds like a good idea, but not when the roads are filled to bursting with extra buses and cars.

Similarly the extra cycle parking sounds quite clever, but as the above photo shows, people will park where they want to, not where Boris tells them to.

-Update- Looks like the same story at Waterloo

And while nobody will have much sympathy for Bob Crow is Boris's talk of 'demented' pay demands really so clever when his own pay has increased so much.

My own suspicion, is that Boris's decisions have been based on 30% good policy and 70% PR.

But as the mythical 'no strike deal' drifts away, is there much else the Mayor can do?


James said...

A similar story at Waterloo bus garage:

AdamB said...

Oh dear. It was a nice idea I guess. I wonder if they'll bother with it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Whose bright idea was it to encourage people onto the overground? It was a nightmare today getting home.

Mark C said...

A colleague of mine tried to get a taxi from Fenchurch street to Euston yesterday - she found three other commuters to share with her but not a single taxi would take them! Apparently the combination of fixed fares and heavy traffic meant that it wasn't worth their while to take people under the scheme.

Another Boris initiative that it is totally useless in practice. Score!!

Daithai C said...

Alternative Travel arrangements in London were pants! Bus lanes blocked with deliveries, roadworks all over the place and empty tourist buses just there! Londoner's need joined up Government and planning - not what we have seen during this strike - All soundbite and waffle with no reality on the ground! We can't let the Capital be held to ransom by small group of Teamsters!

Harold said...

Boris doesn't care a hoot about the praticalities, remember. He's skilled at making the right noises to assure his backers who as a rule don't ride bikes or share taxis. (Might be worth checking how many taxis Brian Coleman shared over that 48 hours?)

stuart graham said...

In addition, it's worth noting how Boris failed to even be involved with any negotiations with RMT which is ABC in management and disputes.
I think, except for the hardened opponents of Ken, they'd recognise that disputes have to be negotaited and that (despite all the rhetoric) Ken did have a good record of settling such disputes (not always well, but usually they fizzled out)

Appealing of Ealing said...

stuart graham said...
"In addition, it's worth noting how Boris failed to even be involved with any negotiations with RMT..."

Why is that worth noting? The employer is TfL, not the mayor.