Saturday, 25 July 2009

Chicken Feed: News in Brief

Brian Coleman censured by LFEPA

The London Fire Authority this week passed a motion censuring Brian Coleman for his recent unlawful and undemocratic actions.

This Authority
  1. notes with deep concern the unlawful ruling by the Chairman of 25th June.
  2. regrets the unnecessary delay in the appointment of Deputy Commissioner.
  3. has reduced confidence in the Chairman ability to lawfully and impartially chair Authority meetings.
  4. accordingly, censures the Chairman for his unlawfully ruling

Lib Dem LFEPA member Caroline Pidgeon said:

"It was important to show Brian Coleman the Chair of LFEPA that he had overstepped the mark in refusing to take an amendment tabled by one of the groups on the Authority. Just because he did not agree with it it still had a right to be heard and legal advice has shown this. The Mayor does need to be aware of how his appointees such as Brian carry out their duties"

Read the full background to this story in the second item here. He's a real asset this man.

Boris Johnson withdraws from Stonewall list

When asked why City Hall hadn't entered last year's Stonewall top employers list, Boris replied that:

"It was felt that the GLA was not best placed to enter the Stonewall validation process over this time of change in political leadership. The Mayor intends that the GLA will enter the Stonewall Equality Index this year and is confident we will score well."

But for some reason he now appears to have had a change of heart. According to a recent written answer to Dee Doocey AM:

"my ultimate aim is to achieve equal life chances for all, including the LGBT community, and take a new approach that brings Londoners together, rather than dividing them. It is for this reason that I have decided not to enter the Stonewall Index."

It's another U-Turn and the commenters at Pink News aren't happy.

Now I'm not particularly surprised by this one.

Boris is a Conservative and Conservatives don't like these kinds of things, just like they don't like anti-racist festivals.

That's fine, that's their right. But let's just be straightforward about it eh Boris?

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

You're either a consensual Mayor, or a reactionary Telegraph columnist. You can't be both.

Thinking of which:

'Chicken feed' protest over City Hall job cuts

Boris is doing his bit to help workers at City Hall through the recession, by sacking them.

It's all part of Boris's re-organisation of the GLA. Times are tough and belts have to be tightened.

Just not the belts of either himself or his chief executive

Mayor of London in 2007-8


Mayor of London in 2009


That's a 5 per cent pay increase.

Chief Executive of the GLA in 2007-8


Chief Executive of the GLA in 2009


That's a 12 per cent pay increase.

Rosie, Rosie

But then I guess you get what you pay for, like with Boris's "food champion" Rosie Boycott.

Boycott who got her unpaid job with Boris, after a rigorous selection process (one letter) has been busy advising the Mayor on sustainable food businesses in the capital

Unfortunately she's not been able to sustain her own food business, which has now gone bust.

Finally we have the news of Boris's culling of the "loathed" 507 bendy buses.

The new buses which will cost an extra £12 million to run, will reward Boris's investment by carrying fewer people than the cheaper bendies carried before.

Still, at least he's got another photo shoot out of it:

Boris Johnson: "not in service..."

...for now, or for any time in the foreseeable future.


Chris said...

What does Rosie Boycott even do? I saw her about a year ago with Boris planting rhubarb on BBC London and have heard nothing since. Is it possible to get a progress report?

AdamB said...

I will see what I can find out Chris

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

A very bad call on the Stonewall index thing, the City Hall were such good supporters of LGBT rights.

AdamB said...

And they always performed well in the index apparently. As Tom points out today, who was this really trying to impress?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Indeed and as I've said before Stonewall was allowed to use City Hall's facilities for youth focused events based on creating LGBT peers in their local communities.

It was good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing security for Belfast Pride - may blog about this. Good posting A!

AdamB said...

Thanks Wesley. Let us know if you do.

Anonymous said...

I saw three of those new 507 cattle trucks today. One after the other, all empty.

Something's gone wrong somewhere.