Thursday, 23 July 2009

A phone call from Brian Coleman

Throughout my investigations into Brian Coleman I have often been warned that he likes to issue legal threats.

"Be careful Adam" they say. "He'll sue."

The Barnet Times were one of those most recently threatened by Coleman.

The paper approached him after Barnet Council awarded him £10,000 to pay for a firm of expensive solicitors.

The council's insurers would have provided them for free.

According to the paper:

"Mr Coleman denied he was the councillor under investigation and vowed to sue this newspaper if it printed his name.

He said: "This has absolutely nothing to do with me, nothing whatsoever, and if you say otherwise you will be hearing from my solicitor."

This was an out and out lie. Brian Coleman was the councillor under investigation and he was awarded that £10,000.

Brian Coleman lied to the Barnet Times, and he intimidated them with empty legal threats as he did so.

A couple of days ago I had my own run in with the Worshipful Mayor of Barnet.

I contacted an LFEPA press officer after some very specific allegations about Brian were brought to my attention.

I listed the allegations and asked them for a response as soon as possible.

Within minutes I received an angry phone call from Brian Coleman himself.

He said that the allegations were untrue and that even if they did happen to be true, he wouldn't apologise.

He then said that "even you wouldn't sink to the level of touching" these claims and that everything I had written about him was a lie.

I asked him to tell me which of the stories I'd published about him were a lie.

He told me that he "didn't want to go into it".

I asked him again to tell me where I had lied. Again he refused.

So what stories were they Brian? Was this story a lie?

How about this one. Anything wrong with that?

Because given your tendency to wave legal threats about, and given that you think my stories are all made up, I'm surprised not to have received a single complaint, threat, or even denial before now.

But I guess there's still time.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Did he reverse the charges?

AdamB said...

No it was from City Hall. You didn't think he would be paying did you?

Anonymous said...

Brian goes on holiday tomorrow. He will be having a well earned rest!

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

So much

So much resting!

AdamB said...

And eating, and bullying...

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Indeed. I can't help wondering who is paying for his holiday this time. All will be revealed in due course no doubt.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I'm glad I live in Enfield Council...

Anonymous said...

Very M25-ocentric. Good luck with nailing him. I'm off to Scotland to push for independence - as Mr Gibson said in "Braveheart" Freeeedom.

AdamB said...

Yes it's almost nothing but London round here (and proud of it).

We're still waiting for independence as well.

Dicky Barnbrook(Artist) said...

When I am president I will drive a old buggy around Blackheath.

I am the prince of Darkness