Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Richard Barnbrook misses Standards Hearing due to "stress related illness"

BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook failed to attend the Standards Hearing into his conduct today due to a "stress related illness."

Mr Barnbrook, who is facing a possible six month suspension, sent a doctors note to Dagenham Civic Centre excusing him from attendance for up to two weeks.

The joint investigation into his conduct earlier this year found that he had clearly broken the GLA and local authority codes of conduct.

The investigation was launched after he posted a video online referring to murders that had never happened.

When questioned about the video, he admitted that he knew his claims to be false, but insisted that it "made little difference" whether the murders had taken place.

He also refused to take down the videos, saying that they “would be removed in 4-6 weeks anyway.”

The committee was due to meet today to review the investigation and to decide what sanctions should be taken.

Sanctions for breaking the code range from the requirement to make a formal apology to full suspension.

Representatives of the GLA, Barking and Dagenham council, and the Metropolitan Police were forced to adjourn the hearing after receiving the doctor's note earlier this morning.

Mr Barnbrook who was to be represented by BNP spokesman Lee Barnes, had previously failed to submit evidence to the joint standards committee.

A spokesperson for Barking and Dagenham Council said that he was also contesting its membership.

Two preliminary dates were set for a new hearing on either 12th August or 4th September.

The chair of the Committee Claer Lloyd-Jones said the hearing would proceed on those dates "unless something extraordinary happens"


Helen said...

Reading through the agenda appendices yesterday, Lee Barnes had failed to respond to communications from the B&D legal team, hadn't supplied the information they'd asked for and hadn't confirmed he would be attending, less than a fortnight before the hearing. Great legal rep, eh?

AdamB said...

That's right yes. I've linked to the full evidence above.

Anonymous said...

So much for Richard the Lionheart!

Anonymous said...

Whaddya mean Met postponed? They are the uniformed wing of the BNP.

AdamB said...

I didn't ay the Met postponed. A metropolitan police inspector was present at the hearing to give evidence. The decision was made by the committee to postpone the meeting because Barnbrook didn't turn up.

Green Gordon said...

Far be it from me to back up the BNP, but if he's got a GPs note citing stress, I'd be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is a lying racist idiot and a twat, sure, I just wouldn't want to wish mental illness on him, or presume that he was lying, even if the whole situation is his own damn fault.

AdamB said...

You're quite right Gordon, there is no reason to suggest that he is not suffering and there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that he is.

Keep your eye out for more in tomorrow's papers.

Helen said...

Just wondering if Barnbrook's legal representative claims to be a practising solicitor?

Helen said...

I see that the BNP claim that Barnbrook's legal rep, Lee Barnes, holds a law degree from the University of Kent. If so, he'll be well impressed by this news: http://www.kent.ac.uk/law/news/wtm.html

AdamB said...

Hah well spotted.

No apparently he's got a law degree and that's about it.

He's also got a pretty barmy blog which is worth a read if you like that kind of thing. Box of frogs comes to mind.

Barry Rochford said...

'When questioned about the video, he admitted that he knew his claims to be false, but insisted that it "made little difference" whether the murders had taken place'
When you have such a fascist ideology - not just racist, please- facts are of little importnace. After all the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' never existed, but fuelled anti-semitism. The holocaust can be demied (by those who would wish to repeat it).
Maybe some people might now wake up and recognise that Fascist must lie to achieve power, so wake up and stop them - they are not a side-show to be ignored.

Green Gordon said...

I've got a Graduate Diploma in Law, so I reckon I'm as qualified as Lee Barnes. I'm also not suffering from schizophrenia, so my writing is a little more coherent.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I thought the white race was more robust and generally superior? I thought stress related illness only effected Jews and homosexuals?

BNP will be kicking this Aryan reject right out!

Word verification: bowel.


Rog T said...

Well it's not stress through overwork as he's put out less press releases than any other AM.

The Green Arrow said...

Richard Barnbrook is a hero to the white people of London.

All of them. They love him. He raises a toast to them everyday, and they to him in return.

During the snow falls of earlier this year, many Londoners' made monuments in his honour. He was touched. Very.

He is the intellectual superior of many other contemporary politicans and could drink the great Churchill himself under the table.

He is a snappy dresser, better dressed than other other individual in London. Much.

He is her Majesty's most favourtie film director, ever.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

You are brilliant Green Arrow and I think I'm about to become your biggest fan.