Monday, 24 August 2009

The poster Brian Coleman didn't want you to see

Brian Coleman FBU poster
The above poster of Brian Coleman has been banned from all London fire stations after it was deemed "offensive", "inappropriate" and a safety risk.

The image (click for full size) was torn down from union notice boards across London after a direct order from management.

In a message to the London Fire Brigade union, LFB Director of Fire and Community Safety Roy Bishop wrote:

"Notice boards have been provided for the FBU and other recognised trade unions in order to facilitate the unions’ proper communications with their members about trade union issues. Management does not seek to interfere with proper trade union communications. However, management does not authorise displaying documents or posters on the notice boards, which it reasonably deems to be inappropriate or offensive, as we work to provide a dignified and safe workplace for all."

"Management regards the posters of the caricature of the Authority Chairman, which have recently appeared on FBU notice boards, as offensive and requires all these posters to be removed from notice boards with immediate effect."

It is not clear how the posters would have caused a safety risk, although they were taken down shortly before one of Coleman's regular tours of London fire stations.

Nevertheless the image does cruelly depict Brian as a greedy, ham-fisted meddler who regularly wastes public money and takes lavish handouts from private contractors.

Highly offensive I'm sure you'll agree!

However, despite all of Coleman's best efforts, another picture of him has found a permanent place in fire stations across the capital.

The now legendary photo of Brian Coleman asleep in his office was first circulated amongst the brigade after I published it here.

However, the image has apparently increased in popularity since Brian Coleman started talking about stripping fire stations of their beds.

Coleman is said to want the beds removed because they make stations look like "Travelodges"

However, while a room at Travelodge can be booked for as little as £19 a night, Londoners are currently paying substantially more to keep Brian in his sleeping quarters.

May I suggest Brian considers a change of address?


CH Paul said...

Travelodges? I've always thought of Brian as the Alan Partridge of politics!

AdamB said...

As if Brian would be seen dead living in a Travelodge. Come on now Paul.

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Ah! - I see you and I are back from holiday on the same day. Capital!

AdamB said...

Yep just wading my way through the inbox.

CH Paul said...

I see Brian wants to extend his free travel to the more deserving

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Yes CH Paul. I think that this is the first recorded incident of Mr Toad offering to open his (bulging) wallet.

Though of course, he'll never actually have to pay. We're as likely to see the Princess on Easyjet as we are to see Coleman on a bus..

Don't Call Me Dave said...

The real problem with Coleman is that (a) there is nobody within the Conservative Party willing to stand up to him and say “enough is enough”, and (b) Labour and the LibDems are also silent when it comes to his profligacy. Has the cat got their tongues? Or perhaps they don’t want to appear hypocritical as they would also indulge in similar troughing if in power.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Welcome back and a grand return!

AdamB said...

Thanks Daniel.

AdamB said...

The Barnet Times have now picked up on this story as well.