Friday, 7 August 2009

What happened to the BNP's Great White Hope?

Last month BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook failed to turn up at his Standards Hearing because of a "stress related illness"

He's due to appear again next week, but has so far failed to submit any evidence, or to confirm that he will attend.

Doubts therefore remain about whether he will ever face the committee.

Since his non-apearance in Dagenham last month, he has been absent from all Assembly meetings, and all entries on his personal website have been removed.

Meanwhile, his suspended assistant Simon Darby seems likely to stay in Brussels, and his other assistant Emma Colgate has already taken up another role within the BNP.

Now rumours of a fallout with Griffin are doing the rounds, as many BNP members lose patience with their self-styled "Richard The Lionheart".

This is all a long way from his victory speech a year ago, where he railed against the 'corruption' of his critics and promised to sweep aside the 'nonsense of political correctness' in City Hall.

So far this has involved little more than putting out three press releases (all within one ten-day period last October) and... well not much else really.

Aside from being told off for eating a banana, wearing silly outfits, and lying on youtube, his year has been a total non-event.

Yet if Richard Barnbrook is suspended next week, there is a danger that he could become the BNP's first ever political martyr.

With the very real possibility of a six month suspension hanging above his head, Barnbrook could pose as the noble victim of a political witch hunt.

Or he could just make a fool of himself as usual.

We'll all find out for ourselves next Wednesday afternoon. If he turns up.


Tony said...

I do hope he turns up next week, I could do with a laugh.

"Truth? You can't handle the truth!"

AdamB said...

Just as fun would be the BNP's 'legal expert' Lee Barnes making an appearance.

He'd be worth the rail fare over there alone. Sadly I doubt we'll see either.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Under reconstruction? How apt is that?

Hope he shows and gets ripped a new arsehole.

Green Gordon said...

There's only about two pics of Lee Barnes on the internet. I'd love to see a video.

AdamB said...

I'll see what I can do if he turns up. At the very least I'll get an audio recording.

John Bradley said...

I really don’t think that it is the business of committees to undo democracy; the people put him where he is and only they should decide if they want him removed, even if it is temporally; That should be the limit of their powers here, in the absence of a conviction in a criminal offence: To force his re-election.

Considering 198,319 Londoners cast 1st / 2nd choice votes for him to be their mayor and 130,714 people voted for him in the London wide assembly election, Barnbrook and the BNP clearly enjoy considerable support within this city and as such any removal of their elected representative for any reason other then criminal conviction is clearly undemocratic and potentially very damaging.

At the least, as some have already noted, it will provide a propaganda coup for the BNP, irregardless of the background to suspension, as it is obviously undemocratic.

Democracy in this country is already paper thin and we are in a very odd and dangerous environment whereby people think that that any party, policy or person that has been labelled with the right PC words can be subjected to any amount of hostility, spin and unequal treatment without recourse.

I may or may not agree with Barnbrook, but it is not up to me, you or Daniel ‘rip him a new arsehole’ Hoffman-Gill to decide his fate: That right is unreservedly for the electorate.

By the way, what are the details of these rumours of a split with Griffin?

AdamB said...

I largely agree John which is why I think the lesser sanctions (requirement to apologise and or take training) would be the better and overall probably more likely outcome. But it's not down to me.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, he has been AWOL from the Torygraph site "My Telegraph" too.

The Green Arrow said...

I'll have you know that Richard remains the most white and most handsome arthouse film director alive.

He may be suffering from a slow shutter speed on his bladder, but this persecution by the Stalinist thought police is little more than political buggery.

And I for one vote for that.

When his time comes, Richard shall rise like a ferret from the ashes and the white people of Sudbury Upon Thames will be twittering with joy.

Only this morning I saw Richard re-fuelling outside of Threshers in Blackheath with enough rocket fuel to go a full ten rounds in the next edition of Bum Fight.

Don't write him off, he has plenty morepairs of pants to be soiled before the Crown Pub in Blackheath closes its doors.

Dicky Barnbrook( said...

In the words of a certain other Aryan politician, "I'll be back."

Loup Dargent said...

I understand how suspending Barnbrook would add some fuel to the BNP's already rampant paranoia and could even give the false impression that they're right about them being victims etc...

But, is it what we're going to be doing everytime a BNP member/activist is caught his/her pants down? Are we going to ask for lenient sentences because we don't want the BNP to milk it?

Whatever the sentence/decision, the BNP will still be able to politically cash on it.

Barnbrook not being suspended will be the BNP's "proof" that he hasn't done anything wrong and that he was just the victim of a witch hunt.

A win/win situation for the BNP and its spin doctors...

Little Bob said...

Norfolk Unity is reporting that Griffin is gearing up for a purge

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think you should ever concede to fascism and we should take every chance to boot them out of office.

Yes, they were voted in, but so was Hitler. Those were racist votes. It's racism that has to be confronted if the BNP is to be defeated.


Green Gordon said...

Excellent, because there no way my vote could be characterised as a Commie because I don't happen to hate immigrants, is there?

Tony Jones said...


What an absurd and dangerous statement. Who are you to decide who people can vote for and what their motivations for casting votes are.

So in your world the 1 million British people who have cast these “racist votes” don’t have any civil rights? What else should they forfeit too? Their jobs? Children? Freedom? Their lives?

You are typical of the so-called anti-fascist left who appear to be the biggest fascists we have.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Tony Jones, are you a racist perchance?

Green Gordon said...

I'm not, and I think he's more or less right (except for the ad hominem at the end). We're either in favour of democracy or we're not. If Barnbrook gets suspended, after 6 months he would come back. If he gets kicked off, he would be replaced by the next on his party list. How could anyone think fighting fascists by booting out elected representatives would do any good to reduce levels of racist violence and the presence of far right political activists? Why give them something to make them look like righteous political renegades who are too subversive for the State to deal with...?

Tony Jones said...

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, are you are a fascist perchance?

Whilst I’ve given no indication at all to your absurd charge based on my defence of democracy, you’ve given every indication to substantiate mine.

I reject the premise of your statement.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I mention the chance of Tony being a racist because he uses bad maths on the 950,000 BNP voters in the Euro elections by inventing punishments for them thus, enabling the victim apaproach of all great racists.

Then he uses an attack that racists always use when their shitty ideas are challenged, which is calling people fascists...twice.

As Alan Partridge would say: textbook.

Green Gordon said...

Did my last comment post? my browser went funny, and I'm too tired to think it all through again, so I'll just re-refer to my comment above.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

And I'll re-refer to mine.


Green Gordon said...

Ok, in short (and in good humour), hardline antifa activists are just as likely to throw the word fascist around.

Curtailing democracy is no way to deal with the problems that cause pervasive racism.

Real fascists like the BNP will happily curtail our democracy (like they do within their own party), given a chance, so I'd rather not be their mimics.

Not all BNP voters are mad racists some are ill-informed or easily won over by populists arguments that blame immigrants for the problems in life which they experience (which are real). Throwing out Barnbrook for being a mad racist is not an effective way to deal with this.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Right, thanks for that, what any of that has to do with me I've no idea but lovely work anyway.

Green Gordon said...

Because I agree with him, and you asked if he had his beliefs because he was a racist. I've got no reason to believe he is.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

You agree with him labelling people as fascists?

You agree with his defence of the BNP?

You agree with a BNP supporter?

Green Gordon said...

I agree that over-ruling democracy verges on the fascistic and is dangerous. It also makes us ask where draw the line.

I have not seen him defend the BNP.

I have not seen that he is a BNP supporter.

Asking if I agree with a BNP supporter is a difficult question. I know for instance that former Young BNP nutbag Mark Collett professes to like Alan Partridge. I agree with him on that, although I suggest he probably doesn't get the joke.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I only ask because of the lengths this exchange is going on for and who the original post is about.

Tony Jones said...

Daniel Hofmann-Gill, I was going to spend a couple of minutes laying out my position in defence of democracy and explain a few a things but then I spent a few minutes on your blog to see if you were worth the effort and you are most certainly not; asides the fact that you are not even remotely genuine and admit to arguing with people on the internet solely because you are bored, the very definition of a troll, and appear to label everyone who disagrees with you as an idiot there is a much more sinister side to all of this and I’m not sure exactly what kind of warped hypocrite you are but it would seem that you are a very nasty person and at the least a casual racist too.

You publish a book review of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which is apparently “quite humorous”) and then a host comments that deem it to be a “good book” but much, much worse and telling, your blog is peppered with the causal usage of the most vile racial pejorative terms such as “coon” and “pikey” and then following a few links it becomes apparent you have used the most disgusting language and behaviour around the net and around the world too in your online troll and hate activities including taunting people about their dead mothers; joking about rape and incest and even asking people if they wanted you to rape them.

I think it is quite clear to any normal person that you are a deranged crank who doesn’t deserve any time, regard, repsect or engagement from normal decent people.

Why don’t you go and get some help you foul mouthed racist psychotic?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Tony Jones, you sound familiar, you're not that daft racist The Sentinel are you?

It's just your tone is just like is, he's a white supremecist you see, who likes to smear other people as racists.

Which is what you're tried to do to me by taking things out of context and being an all round cunt.

To be expected you terrible daft old BNP loving racist.

Just so people can make up their own minds, the piece on Mein Kampf is here and you'll see how much I hated the vile piece of anti-Semitism. Bearing in mind I am a Jew.


Any use of offensive words is always in context, either mocking their use or criticising their use.

As for the last bit, which again is out of context, you are actually the Sentinel aren't you?


You're a funny daft old racist Sentinel.

Take care lover.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

PS: for someone "not worth the effort" that was along comment...

Tony Jones said...

What a nut job. I forgot to add delusional to “why don’t you get some help you foul mouthed racist psychotic?”

My name is Tony Jones, always has been always will be you crazy fool! But I guess this is just a distraction away from the fact that you have been caught as a racist, misogynist abusive troll.

But delusions aside so you use extremely offensive racist language such as “coon” and “pikey” but then call me a racist for doing no more then defending democracy?!!! You are insane. And chucking in that “everything is all right I’m a Jew I couldn’t possible be racist” line is utter bullshit maybe you are and maybe you aint, but it don’t give you any special license to go around calling people “coons” and “pikeys and I am seriously considering a report to the police over some of your posts and language to see if they break the RRA.

As for the rest of your nasty online hate comments and conduct, everyone else can deicide for themselves; follow a few links and find these, and then find out just how far out of context could these be?-

“Don't talk about your dead mom that way you subhuman cunt”.

“I'm sorry to hear your dad raped you”

“Would you like me to rape you?”

I thought everyone should know what a deranged racist nutbag troll they were dealing with.

Go on tell, me I’m really Barnbrook or Griffin out to defame you now you crazy fool!!!!!!

You need serious help. And fast.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Yep, you're Sentinel alright, from your tone and language and quotes but hey ho, no worries, if you want to pretend to be someone else like you always do because you're banned from so many places for being a daft racist than fine.

You're projecting all your own weaknesses and phobias onto me, bless you but it's showing.

And again, for someone that doesn't care you keep coming back here, just like Sentinel.

You are a sorry, daft racist and BNP apologist, who throws around terms like fascist and democracy when you know of neither.

I've already dealt with your silly accusations Sentinel, bye bye now you obsessed racist troll lord who thinks all non-whites are inherently criminal and is an anti-Semite.

I bet you reply to this and will keep doing so until the end of time you sad bastard.

Tony Jones said...

Yes, I am the Sentinel and so what?

Toby Jones said...

That wasn't me, that was some other racist.

AdamB said...

Okay that's enough. Keep the comments on topic or take it somewhere else.

Tony Jones said...

My sincere apologies Adam, it wasn’t my intention to have the debate brought down to this level, I was going to defend myself against that nonsensical racism charge but then I looked at this guys blog and found all of that stuff I thought what a waste of time doing that when he is clearly nuts.

For the record my real name is Tony Jones, I am a postal worker in London and I am a member of the CWU, used to vote labour lifelong and now vote for no one and I am certainly no racist; I just don’t like anyone telling anyone else who they can and can’t vote for and making threats that if you don’t vote the way they like you will have your civil rights taken away and God only knows what else. To me, regardless of what political clothes they dress themselves up in people that believe that are dangerous fascists.

That was my point. That was my only point. Good God.

Also for the record I have never come across this very weird oddball before and I have never come across or even heard of this sentinel character he is obsessing over either except for reading a couple of surreal exchanges on this guys blog.

The last two posts were not from me so clearly he spoofing my name as well now and any further comments from Tony Jones will not be from me either as I will not be commenting any further and feeding the troll.

Sorry Adam.

Toby Jones said...

yeah soz