Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP Cllr Bob Bailey says driving ban "a conspiracy"

Barking Councillor Robert Bailey blamed a conspiracy against "the indigenous people of this country" today after he was banned from driving for 18 months.

The BNP's London organiser was stopped after being spotted driving without his lights on. He was taken away by police after refusing to take a breath test.

According to the Press Association

"Robert Bailey, 43, of Chadwell Heath, Essex, said he refused to cooperate with officers because he believed they were part of a politically inspired conspiracy acting upon "a higher order..."

The former Royal Marine, originally from Scunthorpe, told the court he believed he was being set up because of his political beliefs.

He said: "Well, I spent 14 years in the Marines and spent a good part of this working with the security forces and I know how the system operates."

He added that he believed he was under surveillance because of his political activities and that his phone and house had been bugged."

He said: "It adds to my belief it is a conspiracy against me, my party and the indigenous people of this country."

The court appointed doctor said Bailey suffered from a "possible personality disorder" which made him suspicious of police officers.

He said that Bailey had suffered from depression which had left him paranoid.

However, District Judge John Wollard told the court that:

"I have heard nothing which establishes in my view that this defendant had a reasonable excuse on medical grounds."

Bailey hit the headlines last year when he turned up at his local newspaper and used a megaphone to hurl abuse at a reporter.

More recently he sent out emails warning that journalists would suffer "the severest of punishments" if they "fail to exercise impartiality"

Bizarrely, he also hit the headlines here after accusing Barking and Dagenham Cllr Valerie Rush of being the secret author of Tory Troll.

Bailey was number two on the BNP list for the London Assembly elections last year.

Number one on the list was Richard Barnbrook, who is due to face his Standards Hearing later this month.

However, the GLA have confirmed that neither Bailey, nor anyone else will replace Mr. Barnbrook if he is suspended.


Scaryduck said...

Oh wait... he's a councillor in Barking, and not a barking councillor.

Hang on - you were right thefirst time

Tony said...

Wasn't he mentioned in that gollywog burning story as well?

AdamB said...

Yes he was mentioned but didn't take part in the burning apparently.

Anonymous said...

You'd have thought that if he seriously believed he was under surveillance, that he'd have taken more care about turning his lights on!

AdamB said...

Maybe that's why they were off though.

You can't see me if I can't see you.

Anonymous said...

Just a little correction for you, not your fault at all, just the Independant got it wrong.

It was not Baileys lawyer who stated that he was possibly suffering from Paranoid Dellusions and a possibly personality disorder, it was in fact the Court appointed Doctor following his assesment of Bailey.


ps. Cllr Val Rush and the Tory Troll look nothing alike.

AdamB said...

Thanks Tulip, that makes sense.

edith crowther said...

Adam, take care, when pillorying people outside the justice system when you do not know the full facts (or even when you do), that one day you do not find yourself on the receiving end of "justice" delivered by a kangaroo court of apparently sane and upright citizens. What goes around comes around.

AdamB said...

Is that some kind of threat?

Chris Paul said...

If it looks like a threat, walks like a threat and oinks like a threat ... will it be a window bricking in the knees up mother brown tradition we all love? Or something a bit ... yeuch ... foreign.

Green Gordon said...

I don't think it's a threat, she's just saying that one day ZaNuLieabour may force vodka down your throat and put you behind the wheel of a fork-lift truck as a way of silencing you by transportation to Australia.

Scaryduck said...

If you ask me, it's a random spurt from the Speke Yore Branes Twat-o-Tron.

Poor, poor enraged Edith.

Anonymous said...

Given the comments on "Edith's" blog, she's a racist nutter.

So yes, a threat. Expect the Sturmabteilung soon.

I think a brick through the window is the favoured British method.