Thursday, 17 September 2009

Brian Coleman in bitter dispute with fire crews

As reported on Tory Troll, Boris's Fire Chief Brian Coleman has long wanted to remove beds from fire stations.

Currently all firefighters work two 15 hour nights a week and are able to use their beds between incidents.

However, under Coleman's new plans, dayshifts will be lengthened and nightshifts shortened to 12 hours each.

This is ostensibly being done to increase productivity.

However according to the Standard:

"The beds are being phased out as stations are modernised but the Evening Standard understands that senior fire authority figures are determined to use the shorter night shift to scrap them completely. One senior source said: "Do you know any other occupation where people are able to sleep on duty?"

Well I can think of at least one:

Brian Coleman
Spokesman for the London Fire Brigade Union Paul Embery said today:

"The beds are merely for resting on in the early hours of the morning. Firefighters work back-to-back 15-hour night shifts, meaning that they are only off duty for nine hours out of 39. Given the physical and mental challenges they face in their jobs, I am amazed that anyone would begrudge firefighters the opportunity to properly rest for a couple of hours in between incidents. The fire brigade needs policies driven by common sense, not vindictiveness."

Last year, London's fire service was ranked as one of the best in the country.

However, since Coleman became it's Chair, firefighters have been locked in a series of bitter disputes with management over working conditions.

Coleman, who regularly tours fire stations, was described as "too confrontational" in a recent audit report, and is known to row with everyone from firefighters to the Mayor himself.

And with firefighters openly revolting against him and with strikes breaking out across London some are now wondering just why Boris trusts him with the job.


Tom said...

One senior source said: "Do you know any other occupation where people are able to sleep on duty?"

Um... on-call doctors? Pilots and cabin crew on night flights?

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Great post Adam.

AdamB said...

And the Armed Forces of course.

Karl said...

There are loads of jobs where people are allowed to sleep. Better not let on, I think!

Anonymous said...

Brian Thatcher, Bed Snatcher!

Anonymous said...

I just wish the FBU would get on and use the tried and tested method of getting rid of troublesome problems......turn the hose on him.

He really does have to go, I get the impression even Boris is fed up to the back teeth with him.


AdamB said...

Boris made a reference to Brian's 'sleeping habits' at Mayor's Question Time when they were having their row. I'm sure he must have seen that picture.

Olly said...

"Coleman Asleep" is rapidly becoming the new "Andrew Neil in a Vest"

Dear Tory Troll.

Reports suggest that Brian Coleman is removing beds from fire stations. Might you have a picture in your archive.....etc etc etc.

AdamB said...

Ha ha. It's the gift that keeps on giving :)

Anonymous said...

Let the fireman sleep at night if they want to! What is the point of them staying awake and being tired? That is not going to help anyone. Maybe Brian Coleman could try being a fireman for a month, I bet he won't think taking their beds away is a good idea then.

Nick Ould said...

One senior source said: "Do you know any other occupation where people are able to sleep on duty?"

Come on, they were asking for that photo to be used.

CanUK said...

As an ex-member af Military and Civil Mountain Rescue it is an interesting concept as you are on call 24 hours a day.
Do toads hibernate?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see what Brian Coleman would have done in charge of that well known lazy good-for-nothing group of idle layabouts, reading the paper and drinking tea all day, only ever working for 20 minutes at a time - you know... Spitfire pilots!